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Meizu (冥头, Meizu) is a renegade ninja (nukenin), former Chūnin of Kirigakure and is known alongside his older twin brother Gōzu, as the Devil Brothers. They were mercenaries alongside Zabuza Momochi.



Meizu has dark brown hair, which is so long that it reaches his shoulders, and he has dark eyes. He wears a black gas mask, which covers the lower half of his face, he also wears a Battle Glove, in his right hand, which is poisoned, in addition, he has been seen to have a chain, the other end of which is in his brother’s Battle Glove. His attire consisted of a camouflage suit with dark bandages, knee-high sandals and several bags around his waist. In addition, he wears the Kirigakure Ninja Sash on his forehead and it has two horns sticking out of the sides..



Meizu has a domineering, hot-tempered character and is extremely violent. It is said that he enjoys torturing his enemies.



  • Date of birth: June 6th
  • Age
    • Part I: 25
  • Height
    • Part I: 1.78 m
  • Weight
    • 73.6 kg
  • Blood type
    • B
  • Ranking
    • Renegade Ninja
    • Mercenary Ninja
  • Ranking
    • Renegade Ninja
    • Mercenary Ninja
  • Affiliation
    • Kirigakure
  • Occupation
    • Zabuza’s assistant
  • Team
    • Devil Brothers
  • Teammates
    • Gōzu




The Devil Brothers fled Kirigakure with Zabuza Momochi when they failed in their attempt to assassinate the Mizukage, and subsequently began working for him as assassins..

Part I


At the beginning of the series, Zabuza Momochi sends him and his brother to assassinate the famous bridge builder named Tazuna. Using the Water Element: Water Concealment Jutsu they managed to outwit Team Kakashi. After appearing, Meizu and his brother pounced on Kakashi Hatake, tying him up with their Battle Gloves, making it appear as if they had killed him. As their ambush progressed, the Devil Brothers advance to attack an unsuspecting Naruto Uzumaki, however, he is stopped by Sasuke Uchiha, who breaks the chain linking the brothers. But having their intention to kill, the brothers, upon breaking free, continue attacking the team. However, they are stopped by Kakashi, who reveals that he had used the Substitution Jutsu to evade the first attack. Later, they are tied to a tree by Kakashi to be arrested..



Gōzu and Meizu are specialists when it comes to coordinated techniques. Meizu has a giant Battle Glove, which has a retractable Shuriken chain when attached to his brother’s glove, allowing them to bind an enemy and cut them to pieces. In the event that the Shuriken chain is neutralized, Gōzu has a mechanism which allows Meizu to be released so that they can both attack individually. He uses the claws of his Battle Glove, which are infused with Poison to finish off his enemies in a faster and simpler way. In addition, he and his brother have the ability to use the Water Element, being able to suddenly appear from puddles to catch their targets off guard at any time..

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