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Real Naruto Weapons

It is important for a real Shinobi to go on a mission with gear as diverse as possible so that he can use the right strategy to adapt to each situation in the middle of a fight.

Real Naruto Weapons are the perfect solution to gain an advantage over your opponent in any circumstance.

Naruto Ninja Weapons

Naruto Ninja Weapons are all more diverse and varied than each other so that they are best suited to the fighting style of each Ninja.


A Kunai Naruto (苦無, kunai) is a Japanese tool from the Japanese Sengoku period. Originally used as an agricultural tool, but a kunai in the right hands could become a multifunctional weapon, and because of its widespread use as such it is strongly associated with popular culture with ninjutsu and its followers.


A shuriken (手裏剣 lit. "sword hidden in the hand") is a type of throwing knife, similar to a projectile, originating in medieval Japan. It has a wide variety of shapes and styles, but predominantly star-shaped, with sharp edges and small enough to be easily concealed. Its use is associated with ninja, which has earned it the popular nickname "ninja star".


Swords are the most common visible weapon used by Naruto Characters. Impressive, stylish and very deadly when used with experience, they are very popular among Ninjas that like to enhance your fighting abilities with physical weapons.


Needles are very underrated weapons in the collective unconscious. Easy to transport and conceal, these are the most impregnable weapons an experienced ninja can possess in order to carry out stealthy assassinations with a minimum of traces.

Often worn as an accessory to tie up hair in ancestral Japan, they were very popular with female ninjas who knew how to use them as real weapons to kill during missions.

One can for example quote the Kirigakure ninja, Haku, who were extremely fond of this type of weapon for fighting.


Bombs in the manga Naruto take mostly the shape of round artifacts that can explode and create diversions during battles.