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Genma Shiranui

Genma Shiranui (不知火ゲンマ, Shiranui Genma) is a Tokubetsu Jōnin of Konohagakure. He became the referee in the final rounds of the Chūnin examinations after the death of Hayate Gekkō and was an elite bodyguard to the Hokage.




Genma has straight brown hair a few inches above her shoulders, falling towards her face. His eyes are a light brown color that allows the pupil to be distinguished. He wears his ninja sash like a bandana with the placket backwards, and wears the standard Jōnin outfit with the Tactical Vest. He always carries his Senbon in his mouth. As a child, during Obito’s recollection, it is seen that upon entering the academy, Genma wore a white sweatshirt with a black colored baggy jacket with a red colored hood inside, he also wore straps over his pants and Senbon.


Genma is a calm shinobi, impartial, casual, simplistic and somewhat proud in his actions. He is never seen being loud or lost in difficult situations and is confident enough to take charge of large groups of ninja. He detests the enemies of Konoha, such as Orochimaru and Madara.

He is also a jovial person, with a tendency to joke even in the most difficult situations, such as in the Fourth Great Ninja War, when Shikaku makes contact with him to inform him that Madara had revived, he first asked Genma not to make fun of the situation and yet Genma does.



  • Date of birth: July 17
  • Age
    • Part I: 29-30
    • Part II: 32-33
  • Height
    • Part I: 1.81 m
  • Weight
    • 71 kg
  • Blood type
    • A
  • Ranking
    • Jonin
  • Occupation
    • Elite Bodyguard
  • Affiliation
    • Konohagakure
    • Shinobi Allied Forces
  • Team
    • Team Chōza
    • Hokage’s Guard Platoon
    • Daimyō Protection Division
  • Teammates
    • Might Guy (Team Genin)
    • Ebisu (Team Genin)



During his time at the academy, Genma used to hang out with Ebisu and comment with him on the effort Might Guy gave during his training instead of making fun of him like other students.


When he was Genin, Genma was teammates with Guy and Ebisu with Chōza Akimichi as the leader. At some point, he, along with his team, were confronted by the previous generation of the seven mist swordsmen, but were saved by Might Duy, using the 8 gates so they could escape.

During a Chūnin Examination, Team Minato must have clashed with this team, although the outcome of the battle is unknown.

After many years he, Raidō and Iwashi were the bodyguards of the Fourth Hokage, who entrusted them with how to perform the Thunder God Flying Jutsu, but unlike the Fourth Hokage, the three of them need to position themselves in the shape of a circle to perform it.

Part I

Chūnin Exams

After Hayate’s death, Genma becomes a referee for the final round of the Chūnin Exams. He fights against Baki during the attempted Orochimaru invasion of Konoha. However, his fight is interrupted when Orochimaru leaves and ends the invasion. He is later seen at the funeral of the Third Hokage along with many other ninja.

Sasuke Recovery Mission


Genma is returning to the village from a mission with Raidō Namiashi, Iwashi Tatami and Shizune. Iwashi and Raido comment on how tired they are, as the mission turned out to be longer and more complicated than they expected. At one point, Genma notices the presence of strangers in the forest and decides to go with Raido to investigate, encountering the Sound Four. One of them says that confronting two jōnin will get messy, so they activate their cursed seals to fight Genma and Raido, leaving them severely injured to the point of needing medical attention. Even though Genma and Raidō barely had any chakra from the previous mission, the Sound Four comment that they were forced to activate level two of their Cursed Seal in order to defeat them.

Part II

Twelve Guardian Ninja

Genma first appears in the anime in The Twelve Ninja Guardians saga, giving orders to some Chūnin for the attack on the village.

Akatsuki Suppression Mission


In the anime, he is present at Asuma Sarutobi’s funeral.

Pain’s Assault


Later, Genma appears with Yamato and other Jōnin to help restore the village after Naruto’s fight against Pain.

Fourth Shinobi World War: Countdown


In the anime, Genma appears at the war meeting Tsunade calls.

Fourth Shinobi World War: Confrontation


Genma, along with Raidō Namiashi, are in charge of guarding one of the Five Daimyō hideouts of the Five Great Ninja Nations during the war between the Shinobi and Akatsuki. Due to this strategy, Black Zetsu is almost captured while trying to attack one of the hideouts, where it turns out that the Daimyō of the place were simply puppets.

Later, Black Zetsu manages to locate the real Daimyō, but when he tries to attack them, Mei Terumī intercepts him, starting a fight between the division and Black Zetsu.

After Chōjūrō immobilizes Black Zetsu, Shikaku communicates with Genma, informing him that the real Madara was revived and that he needs him to do exactly what he says and no jokes. Due to this, Genma, along with Raidō and other unknown shinobi, position themselves to perform the Jutsu: Flying Thunder Formation, there Mei asks them that how they are able to perform that technique, due to the fact that it was a jutsu of the Fourth Hokage, to which Genma replies that they used to be his bodyguards and that he entrusted them with his jutsu. Then, they teleport to the Mizukage to meet the other Kages.

Upon arrival, Mei and A attack Madara, the Hokage’s Guard Platoon and Dodai observe this. Then, the latter says to go with him to take care of Mū, to which Genma replies not to lose their concentration. Later, the Hokage’s Guard Platoon, as well as Dodai, are seen chasing a Mū controlled by Kabuto.

Later, he is seen, along with Raidō Namiashi, Iwashi and Dodai, who managed to corner Mū (who had already regained his personality) to see him disappear a few seconds later.




Genma is known for taking part in difficult missions and participating in many fights. However, he has never been seen in combat. He managed to survive his battle with Baki, who easily killed Hayate Gekko. He is able to spit Senbon from his mouth as a projectile with enough force as if it were a kunai. Since the Four of Sound had to activate the second stage of their cursed seals to defeat Genma and Raido, he proves that he is a formidable fighter. After the fight, while the Four of Sound were resting, they pointed out that they would not have won if they had not used their second stage curse seals.


In the past, Genma, along with Raido Namiashi and Iwashi Tatami, were bodyguards of the Fourth Hokage, who entrusted them with how to use the Thunder God Flying Jutsu. Although unlike Minato, they require being together forming a circle and performing hand seals between the three of them to perform the jutsu. In addition, they are able to teleport whatever is within the boundaries of the formation without the need for direct contact, as they did with Mei Terumī.

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