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It is undeniable, the death of the famous Sannin of Konoha was something epic! Whether it’s because of the beauty of the animation or because of the atrocity of the final scene, Jiraiya Death is without a doubt one of the most emotional moments of the Naruto Shippuden Series.

If you feel like watching this episode again to remind yourself of all the facts that happened in his fight with Pain, you are surely wondering what episode does Jiraiya die ?

Well, Jiraiya dies in episode 133 of the Naruto: Shippūden anime called “The Tale of Jiraiya the Gallant” killed by the Six Pains of Nagato, his previous student.

But for those of you who would like to know more about the real circumstances of his death, you surely have many other questions like:

  • How did Jiraiya die
  • What episode does Jiraiya fight pain
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  • Does Jiraiya come back to life
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If any of these questions bother you, we’ve written an amazing article explaining everything that happened during all the previous episodes so that you can have all the details on how does Jiraiya die.

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In Episode 126 of Naruto Shippuden, Jiraiya meets Tsunade, the Fifth Hokage and her former teammate to tell her of his desire to investigate strange disappearances within the Hidden Rain Village which could lead to the Akatsuki.

Tsunade, worried about her friend, advises him to drop this fullish idea and stay with her in the village as her counselor. However, Jiraiya being who he is, stayed on his first idea and explained that it was his duty as a Ninja of the Leaf to investigate this situation and that this trip could even help him to find inspiration in writing his next novel. So like Jiraiya…

After a very emotional exchange about their past, we witness Jiraiya’s last words to Tsunade asking her to no trust the Foundation. Indeed, the Root was a branch of the Hidden Leaf controlled by the dishonest Danzō Shimura who had the annoying habit of rebelling against the Hokage. That is why Jiraiya advised her friend to no trust him.

Finally, once the last words were spoken, Jiraiya says his Farewell to Tsunade and leaves the Village.

jiraiya's last words to tsunade


In Episode 129, Jiraiya finally succeeded in sneaking into the Hidden Rain Village while hiding in a frog. He then started his investigations among the inhabitants of the Village and discovered that the land is under the control of a mysterious Pain (Pein) who succeeded to power after Hanzō’s death.

However, the more he investigated, the more the people were becoming suspicious about him and he had to take the decision to keep going using more discreet procedures.

After cornering some low-level shinobis, he tortured them to get more information about Pein. Unfortunately, he didn’t get much from these shinobis as they explained to him that no one as ever seen Pain and that his dorms are fully guarded 24/7.



While getting deeper inside the Hidden Rain Village, Jiraiya encounters with a flying mysterious woman with wings. He instantly recognized her as being Konan, one of the three students that he trained years ago. However, she wasn’t as the little girl that he once knew, she now calls herself the “Angel” and acts as the messenger of Pain inside the Village.

konan jiraiya

Konan – Angel (天使, Tenshi)

Asking gently being impossible, Jiraiya was forced to mentally prepare himself to fight against his former student. It is then that the Konan vs Jiraiya fight began, a quick fight that ends with Jiraiya’s victory… Until another character arrives.


A new mysterious character suddenly appeared behind Konan greetings Jiraiya as “Jiraiya-sensei”. Although his physique is not at all the same as in his memories, his eyes did not lie and Jiraiya knew that he was actually Nagato behind the mysterious enemy.

naruto animal path

Second Pain – Animal Path (Chikushõdõ)

As you may know, it was indeed Nagato controlling one of the Six Path of Pain, The Animal Path (Chikushõdõ) which uses only summonings creatures to fight against his opponents. While fighting him, Jiraiya asked about Yahiko, the third child which had not appeared yet and discovered that he died years ago.

Nagato then explained to his Sensei his plan to bring peace to the world which Jiraiya didn’t agree with as it would result, as Nagato says, in “Tens of millions of people dying instantly”. That is when the real battle between Sensei and Student began.

Nagato summoned several creatures, a Chameleon capable of making himself invisible for defense mode, and a Three-Headed Dog, a giant bird and Rhino for attack mode.

To counter them, Jiraiya decided to summon Gamaken, a toad from Mount Myōboku, however, Jiraiya knew that he couldn’t have the luxury to no fight at full strength so he decided to use the “Honored Sage Mode” to summon the Two Great Sage Toads, “Ma” and “Pa”.


This technique requiring Jiraiya to keep his hands bonded together during a long period of time, he wouldn’t have the possibility of making Jutsu Signs. Gamaken had then the impossible mission to fight all the creatures without deconcentrate his summoner which, as you can imagine, was extremely complicated.

But in the end, Gamaken managed to give Jiraiya enough time to complete his Jutsu and to go Jiraiya Sage Mode.


jiraiya sage mode

The difference in power is impressive. With the help of Ma and Pa, Jiraiya easily took advantage of the different creatures summoned by Pein. One by one, each of them succumbed to the power of the  Jiraiya Sage Mode, forcing Nagato to move to the next level, invoke two new entities, but this time humans… Two other Pains


nagato pain

From that moment on, Jiraiya found himself in a drastic situation. Each of the three Pain sharing their visions and possessing special powers to counter all his Ninjutsu and Taijutsu attacks without any difficulty, Jiraiya had no choice but to rely on Ma and Pa’s powerful Genjutsu, the Demonic Illusion: Toad Confrontation Song.

Waiting for the right moment, Jiraiya finally succeeded in putting Pain in his Genjutsu and preventing him to use further summoning techniques. But while he thought that the fight was over, another character appeared behind him and blown his left arm off. Yes, you guessed right, it was another Pain.


Jiraiya, projected outside the zone by the previous blow, now finds itself in front of the Six Paths of Pain. He who was already outnumbered in power with three, he now had to face six overpowering enemies with only when arm left. 

six paths of pain

But something felt strange, one of the body seems to be Yahiko, the third child that Nagato said died years ago. How is it possible? While looking closer to all the different faces in front of him, it seemed that Jiraiya recognized most of the faces of the Six Enemies and it was then that he understood who Pain really was.

Each enemy in front of him was a ninja that he had encountered in the past while he was training Yahiko, Nagato and Konan. With this information, Jiraiya realized that the Six Paths of Pain in front of him were actually just dead bodies of ancient humans controlled by Nagato from a distance.

This incredible discovery explained perfectly why each of the enemies appeared to be the same person and also explained why each of them possessed Nagato’s Rinnegan. But before he had a chance to share this information with Pa, Pain launched an assault on Jiraiya and crushed his throat, preventing him from divulging the truth.

Unable to produce a sound, Jiraiya drew on his last strength to write a coded message on the back of Pa explaining the truth about who is Pain to Tsunade and Naruto.

Jiraiya message before he died

Jiraiya message before he died


After Jiraiya had finished writing his message, Pa managed to teleport just seconds before a final blow reached him and Jiraiya. After the dust dissipated, we’re left with the last moments of Jiraiya contemplating his successful last move while his body sinks into the depths of the abyss. So you know how did Jiraiya die :

Jiraiya dies in episode 133 of Naruto Shippuden after fighting the Six Path of Pain and after he successfully managed to send a message about Pain Identity.


Jiraiya fights Pain from Episode 130 to episode 133 of the Naruto Shippuden Anime.


Yes, Jiraiya does unfortunately die in Naruto Shippuden in Episode 133 after losing his fight against Pain.



In the Boruto series, Amado created a clone of Jiraiya using his DNA and named him Kashin Koji, but Jiraiya doesn’t come back to life.


No, Jiraiya is dead but a clone of him has been created using his DNA in the Boruto series.

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