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How Tall is Naruto ?

Naruto Height

Welcome amazing Naruto fan, today in this article we’re going to answer an important question that most of you must have asked yourselves at least one time, how tall is Naruto ?  

Naruto height is something that interests most of the fans because as you know, height matters right ? ????

So let’s discover together Naruto Uzumaki Height in the different arcs of the manga: 



How Tall is Naruto Uzumaki ?

Naruto Uzumaki height

Well the manga Naruto portrays the adventure of the young Naruto Uzumaki when he still was a child. At this time, the data that Masashi Kishimoto published explain that Naruto Uzumaki Height is 145.3 cm..

How Tall Is Naruto in Naruto Shippuden ?

How Tall Is Naruto in Naruto Shippuden

Naruto is now a grown up teenager and is slightly bigger in this part of the manga as he’s 16 years old at this moment. Same for here, Masashi Kishimoto let us a very complete data that tells use that Naruto Height in Naruto Shippuden is 166cm.

How Tall Is Naruto in Boruto ?

How Tall Is Naruto in Boruto

Naruto is now an adult and has reached his maximum height at this part of the Naruto Series. Again, Masashi Kishimoto gave us complete documents informing us that Naruto Height in Boruto is 180cm.

How many heads tall is Naruto ?

For our fellow American friends, here a list of Naruto Heigh in feet and inches according to your height unit metrics:

Naruto Height Centimeters Inches Feet
In Naruto  145.3
In Naruto Shippuden 166
In Boruto  180



How Tall Is Kurama (Bonus)

kyuubi height

Kurama height is around 85 to 90cm which is approximatively 34,65inch. For the fun fact, Kyuubi is 40 times bigger than Naruto, but you already knew it right ?

So here is everything that you need to know about Naruto Height. We will keep this tread updated if new information comes out. And if you’re looking for amazing Naruto Apparel, don’t forget to check out our amazing collection of Naruto Hoodies featuring all the symbols and characters of your favorite manga !


And if you want to know more about Naruto Characters height, you surely would be interested in knowing how tall is Sasuke won’t you ? So don’t forget to check it out our next article !