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How Tall is Sasuke ?

Sasuke Height

Hello Naruto fans! Here we are again with a new article where we are going to divulgate the height of another famous character of the Naruto series and answer the popular question, how tall is Sasuke ?  

Sasuke height is something that was strongly requested by our readers, that’s why we decided to make it a complete article so that you can always be up to date on it!

Without further delay, let’s discover together Sasuke Uchiha Height in the different seasons of the manga: 

How tall is Sasuke Uchiha ?

how tall is sasuke uchiha

The manga Naruto starts with Sasuke Uchiha as a kid living in the Hidden Leaf Village among side his clan members and his family. Thereafter, we will follow his evolution until he becomes the famous powerful Adult Ninja that he becomes in Boruto with also the evolution of Sasuke’s height.

With the data that Masashi Kishimoto offered us, we know that Sasuke Uchiha Height goes from 150.8cm to 182cm.

How tall is Sasuke in Naruto ?

how tall is sasuke in naruto

Powerful and skillful Ninja from his entry at the Shinobi Academy, Sasuke Uchiha Height in Naruto is around 150.8cm up to 153.2cm at the end of Part 1.

How tall is Sasuke in Naruto Shippuden ?

How tall is Sasuke in Naruto Shippuden

In Part 2, we find Sasuke who spent almost 2 years training in one of Orochimaru’s hideouts to learn how to master his Curse Mark. At that time, Sasuke height in Naruto Shippuden is around 168cm.

How tall is Sasuke in Boruto ?

How tall is Sasuke in boruto

In Boruto Naruto Next Generations, Sasuke is now an adult and has reached his maximum height like most of the characters from the same age. He’s now on his atonement journey to make amends for his previous bad actions in Part 2.

Again, with the help of the data that Masashi Kishimoto left us, we know for sure that Sasuke Height in Boruto is 182cm.

How tall is adult Sasuke ?

How tall is adult Sasuke 

As we mentioned in the previous section, Sasuke becomes adult at the beginning of the manga Boruto, which means that Adult Sasuke height is 182cm.

How tall is Sasuke in feet and inches ?

For our fellow American friends, here a list of Sasuke Height in feet and inches according to your height unit metrics:

Sasuke Height Centimeters Inches Feet
In Naruto  150.8
In Naruto Shippuden 168
In Boruto (adult) 182


How Tall is Sasuke Suzano’o (Bonus)

how tall is suzano'o

Sasuke Suzano’o height is around 135.56cm which is approximatively 53.37inch. Fun fact, Sasuke’s Suzano’o is 75 times bigger than Sasuke, isn’t that just amazing ?!


This is already the end of this short but hopefully helpful article about Sasuke Height. We hope that we did provide you with all the information that you needed on this subject and wish you a good time watching the Naruto Series !

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