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Ino Yamanaka

Ino Yamanaka (山中いの, Yamanaka Ino) is the daughter of Inoichi Yamanaka, wife of Sai Yamanaka, mother of Inojin Yamaka, current leader of the Yamanaka clan of Konohagakure and the current leader of the Konoha Barrier Team. She is the best friend and rival of Sakura Haruno, was part of the Team Asuma, and formed the sixteenth generation of the trio Ino-Shika-Chō with her former teammates Shikamaru Nara and Choji Akimichi. In her free time, Ino is also a florist and owns a flower shop in the center of Konohagakure.


Ino is described as relatively cheerful and can be bossy with people, especially her teammates, if they get in her way or her behaviors bother her. She is also very confident, kind, and sincere, and is not afraid to speak her mind.

Ino tends to take control of her teammates due to their lazy and indifferent natures, such as when she suggests that Chōji should lose weight or that Shikamaru needs to stop being complacent. She does, however, clearly care about them, as shown by her relief when Chōji survived his fatal injuries.

Shikamaru, despite thinking most girls are “troublesome,” usually offers no resistance, being unwilling to deal with how she reacts if things don’t turn out the way she wants them to. Asuma recognized the control she has over others, and upon her death, he tells her to take care of Chōji and Shikamaru, and make sure they don’t get into trouble and to keep them both on the right track, and also not to lose to Sakura in either ninjutsu or love.

Ino possesses a great deal of pride about her appearance, which is evident even during her younger days at the Academy. She also requires great effort to maintain herself as well as improve her appearance, as can be seen from her constant diets to lose weight in the belief that this will make her more attractive.

During the Fourth Ninja World War, Ino showed more courage and confidence so much that she was not intimidated when she heard Shikamaru say how powerful the Gold and Silver Brothers were and even told her teammates not to falter. Keeping the promise she made to Asuma, Ino decided to put her life on the line to protect her teammates and her village no matter the cost. The moment her father died, he believed that she had truly blossomed into the Yamanaka family shrub clover, and is proud of her obligations to her friends.

Ino often thinks of boys. She is drawn to Sasuke and even cried when he was declared an international criminal, showing that she still cares for him despite his descent into darkness. It is confirmed that she loves him during the Fourth Ninja World War, where she portrays him as the “love” that the bush clover symbolizes.

When he returns, Ino runs towards him, only to be stopped by her companions Shikamaru and Chōji. She is also attracted to Sai, mainly because he is so similar to Sasuke. She flirts with him when first introduced to him. In fact, she is so attracted to them that she dreamed in Infinite Tsukuyomi that both Sai and Sasuke were fighting over her.

Years later, Ino’s attraction to Sai deepens and the two marry and have a son named Inojin. As a married mother, her personality remains pretty much the same, as she easily scares her son for his tardiness. At the same time, she develops a great respect for the traditions and legacy of her clan, being very adamant about passing on the techniques of the Yamanaka to Inojin and continuing the custom of forming a new generation of Ino-Shika-Chō.


Ino is a light-skinned girl of medium height with green eyes (blue in the anime). The most notable feature in her appearance is her long, blonde hair, which is always seen in a high ponytail with a fringe covering the right side of her face. In Part I, her hair was down to her waist, until she cut it off during her fight with Sakura, and then she started wearing a bun.


ino kid
Ino in Part. I
12-13 years old
Purple outfit with bandages
Size: 149.3-151.2 cm
Weight: 38.2-38.5 kg

It is shown that when she was younger, she had short hair that was a little above her shoulders, with her bangs pinned around her face by two blue bangs. In later appearances during Part I, Ino’s hair had grown to shoulder length. During Part II her hair became long again, and Ino also sports a red clip on the left side of her hair. In a flashback of Sakura during Part I, she describes Ino as “elegant and beautiful”.

In terms of clothing, Ino is most often seen wearing a pair of small silver hoop earrings and a rather revealing purple outfit. The purple coloring of her clothing seems to be a reference to the form of shamrock concretization that Inoichi wanted her to be. During Part I, she wore a short purple vest with a blouse with a raised collar, a purple apron skirt that was cut at the sides, and bandages on her stomach and legs.

She also wore purple and white elbow warmers with this, and her forehead protector around her waist like a belt. During the anime fillers, she stopped wearing the elbow warmers. In the Chūnin Exam finals, Ino wore an orange shirt that had the stylized kanji for the word “boar” (猪, inoshishi) inside a light green circle on the upper left side of her chest, brown pants, and colored elbow pads.


ino shippuden
ino war
Ino in Part. II Ino in Fourth Great Ninja War Arc
17 years old
Jonin outfit
Weight: 46 Kg

In Part II, Ino underwent noticeable changes. With her previously small bangs covering much of her face and the bandages around her waist being removed, revealing her bare stomach. She also replaces the warmers on her elbows with lacy protectors and wears a pair of the same over her knees. Along with these, she wears a sleeveless purple shorts and blouse, with an opening in front of her apron skirt, revealing a short black skirt, short short shorts, and lacy protectors underneath.

She has stopped wearing her forehead protector. While on missions she carries a tantō just above her medical bag. She also changed her hoop earring to studs given to her by her former sensei after they passed the Chūnin Exam as a long-standing tradition. During the Fourth Shinobi World War, she wears the standard Alliance uniform and a Konohagakure vest.


 ino adult ino boruto
Ino in The Last: Naruto the Movie Ino in Boruto: Naruto Next Generations
19-20 years old
32-33 years old
Purple outfit
Purple outfit
Size: 164 cm
Size: 164 cm

Two years after the Fourth Great Shinobi War, Ino’s clothing and general appearance become more pronounced. Her bangs regain their natural size while still covering the right side of her face, while the rest of her hair, which is now loose, reaches her calves. She still wears her short sleeveless purple blouse, and her lacy elbow guards. The skirt of the same shape is lengthened to reach her ankles, and she also wears knit pants along with high-heeled sandals.

Years later, Ino began wearing her hair in her original style during Part II again, although the length of her ponytail now reaches to her upper back. Her blouse now contains larger collars around her neck, and her finials are in the shape of triangles, while her skirt is the same as in The Last phase, and she is now wearing heels. Already on missions, she wears the standard Konohagakure vest.



From a young age, her father Inoichi Yamanaka, teaches her the meaning of the Violet flower, which symbolizes sincere love, she was raised to value the bonds she has with her friends, which led to her and Sakura becoming good friends. Ino was a much more popular and self-confident girl than Sakura when they met at the Academy.

She convinced Sakura that hiding the size of her forehead was useless, and gave her a ribbon to draw attention elsewhere, suggesting that Sakura had great potential but had yet to reach it. She helped Sakura gain his confidence. When Sakura became infatuated with Sasuke, and discovered that Ino was in love with him, as well as, Sakura ended her friendship with Ino in the process so that she could compete with Ino for Sasuke’s love.

In the Anime at this time, Ino along with Chōji and Shikamaru, went in search of a set of Chōji’s lost Kunai, during the search he encountered a mysterious boy named Yota. They were soon surprised to discover that Yota had the ability to change time through his thrill. Worried about what the village would think of the boy, they decided to hide Yota’s existence by sheltering him in a tree house and regularly bringing him food.

Part I

Chūnin Examinations

Despite making a few brief appearances early in the series, Ino made her debut during the Chūnin Exam. In the first round of the exams, she used her Body Mind Switching Technique to penetrate Sakura’s mind and memorize all the test answers, then sent her mind into the minds of Chōji and Shikamaru to give them the answers. In Death Forest, Ino had many flashbacks of her childhood when Team 10 saw that Sakura was in danger, so Ino and her team helped Sakura and Rock Lee fight Team Dosu, until Sasuke woke up and forced the genin of the Sound to retreat.

In the preliminary battles Ino was put to fight Sakura. The two did not fight seriously for the first time since Ino still cared about Sakura, and Sakura was willing Ino not to feel sorry for her, even though she did not want to hurt Sakura. Ino and Sakura fought in earnest afterwards, and used most of their energy in the process. Ino then tried to enter Sakura’s mind after cutting her hair and sending her chakra to her, to immobilize her.

She succeeded, but was driven out by the inner Sakura. With low chakra levels, Ino and Sakura attempted one last attack, and hit each other, resulting in both being knocked out. When they regained consciousness, they began to become friends again, but still maintained their rivalry for Sasuke’s love.

Ino accompanied Sakura when she was going to visit Sasuke between the preliminaries and the finals, so they both brought him flowers, but found that he had left. Then they visited Lee, who was doing push-ups outside the hospital, when he should have been in bed. Later, she went to the final rounds with Sakura, and noted that her team was extraordinary, after seeing Naruto defeat Neji.

While there was no sign of Sasuke, Ino tried to cheer up Sakura, who was depressed about it. She also cheered for Shikamaru, when he fought Temari, but she was shocked, after seeing him give up the fight.When the invasion started, she was knocked unconscious by Kabuto’s genjutsu.

Konoha Crushing

Ino could be seen during the funeral of the Third Hokage, along with other people from the village, mourning his death.

Sasuke’s Recovery Mission

Ino appears along with Sakura going to pay a visit to their teammates at the hospital, who had just arrived from Sasuke’s rescue mission. Ino intended to visit Chōji, but finds his father, Chōza, who warns her that they couldn’t visit him yet, as Tsunade informed him that he would regain consciousness soon, so Ino is relieved.

After this, Ino is left thinking about the Fifth Hokage, who was again cited by Chōza as the salvation that Chōji is recovering. Later Ino is seen at the steakhouse along with her sensei Asuma and Chōji, she gets angry with her teammate as he had just gotten out of the hospital and already wanted to train with Asuma right after eating.

Tracking Mission to Mizuki

In the anime, when Mizuki escaped from jail, Ino along with her teammates saved Naruto from Fūjin and Raijin, and took over the battle so that Naruto could help Iruka. Ino tried to possess one of them with her jutsu, but was knocked out. Then she used her new technique, gaining the upper hand. Next, Ino and her companions used their formation. Soon, they realized that they couldn’t defeat the brothers, but they were able to hold out until Tsunade appeared, and easily defeated them.

Follow me! The Great Survival Challenge

In the anime, the students of the academy were divided into teams of three, and were assigned a genin, who would lead them on a mission against the other teams. Ino was assigned to lead a team of three academy students: So, Kiri and Shimo. Her time with them was not so fruitful, except that she was doing better than Naruto.

Capture Mission to Kaima

In the anime, Ino accompanied Naruto, Shino and Anko to the Sea Country, and helped defeat Misumi by possessing him, and tying his arms to pillars, causing him to collapse. Then, when Yoroi was about to attack Shino, Ino used her Body Mind Perturbation Technique, allowing Shino to strike him away. When Yoroi tried to attack Ino, Shino used his insects to attack him, thus defeating him.

Ino Screams! The Fat Paradise

In the anime, Ino appeared on a mission with Naruto, in which she tried to impersonate Princess Fuku, who had grown overweight in an attempt to win over her suitor. Ino was barely able to stand the man, but the mission was complete after Naruto exposed the real princess. Ino briefly revealed an “Inner Ino” due to her anger, similar to “Inner Sakura”.

Sunagakure Support Mission

In the anime, when the Men Of The Four Heavenly Symbols kidnapped Gaara’s student, Sunagakure called for reinforcements from Konoha. Ino accompanied Shikamaru to help Temari in her battle. Ino’s attempt to immobilize her opponent Kujaku, failed, leaving her in a perilous situation. Later, Kujaku was defeated by Shikamaru and Temari through their efforts. Feeling guilty for not having contributed much to the mission, Ino asked Sakura to talk to Tsunade for her to be her apprentice, Sakura agreed, but added that Ino would have to recognize Sakura as a senior apprentice, resulting in Ino’s refusal (which led to another fight).

During this time, Inoichi began training his daughter more extensively in the techniques of the Yamanaka Clan to better continue their traditions. However, because her technique can take years to master, Ino decided to ignore her training, using excuses to leave. While going to meet with her team, she passed by Sakura, and invited her, who refused the offer, as she would train more. While eating with her team, Ino was surprised that Shikamaru would also train more, likewise, Chōji .

Finally, Ino decided to ask Tsunde to train her. Tsunade offered to Ino that she could have her as a student on the condition that she first pass a test of resurrecting an octopus within three months. Despite numerous failures, she was making steady progress, in part due to her continued rivalry with Sakura, until she finally succeeds. Now officially being a student of Tsunade like Sakura, Ino asked Sakura what made her take this path. Sakura simply said that she wanted to be an equal teammate on missions for her allies. Amazed at everyone’s determination to improve, Ino decided to stop worrying about how long it took her to grow up and started training harder.


Following in Naruto’s Footsteps: The Paths of Friends

In the anime, about two years later, during Naruto’s absence after he left the village for training with Jiraiya, Konoha decided to host a start of the Chūnin Exams alongside Sunagakure. Later, as Team Asuma began discussing their joining of the exams, it was begun to be noted that Shikamaru already a chūnin and therefore unacceptable to participate, he left the rest of the team small.

Ino came up with the idea of having Sakura be the third member of her team. When approaching Sakura with this, she declined the offer as she felt it would be a burden, but Ino insisted that would not be the case. Despite her initial failure, Ino was still determined to get Sakura to join Team Asuma for the exams.

Ultimately, Sakura agreed to join the team. Once she enters the exams, Ino and her team were randomly divided into different rooms to take the written test. She was placed in room 2 with Lee and Shino. On a monitor, Shikamaru, as the exam monitor, explained that everyone only needs to answer one question on the test, but combined scores of their team must equal exactly 100 points to pass. Deciding to put her training to the test, Ino telepathically contacted her teammates to discuss what question each must answer.

After time runs out, Shikamaru reveals a bonus question that must be answered unanimously by each team that asks one member of their respective team would be chosen to be a decoy and the chosen one will be disqualified. Again, Ino contacts Sakura who understood the ploy and told her not to answer, to which she sends the message to Chōji. Her team ultimately passes the first exam. However, a preliminary round was issued to narrow down the many participants which involved a race to Sunagakure where only the first 30 teams to reach the destination would qualify for the second exam. Ino’s team was not able to pass the second exam.

Ultimately, his team was among the first 30 teams to take the exam. The next night, as all the genin were ready to eat dinner, everyone was nervous about Burami excessively sweating ruining the food, which caused the genin to quickly try to stop him, resulting in Neji using the Eight Trigram Spinning Palms of Heaven and accidentally destroying the food. As tension grew between everyone over the recent event, a fight broke out between everyone. In the end, everyone lost their desire to fight when Fū arrived with his optimistic ways.

Later, as everyone went back to their rooms to prepare for the next day, Chōji anxiously hungry decided to go to the building next door, hoping that the jōnin overseers would share food items. As Sakura and Ino went after him, they were all attacked by a giant scorpion. They were saved by the cheerful Fū, who quickly defeated the massive beast. After Chōji receives food from Guy, everyone turned in for the night.

The next day, the second exam began. Like the last exam in Konoha, each team was given a scroll from Heaven or Earth and being required to obtain a matching set within three days. They were then required to bring the set to the main building in the center of the Demon Desert.

On the third day of the exam, Team Asuma lost their reserves in a previous fight. Following Sakura’s decision, they went to an oasis to resupply. Taking so long to arrive, Ino and Sakura got into another heated argument. Their fight was quickly ended by the attack of another giant scorpion.

While Ino did not have enough time to use her clan techniques and the scorpion overpowered Chōji, Sakura surprised everyone by defeating the creature with a single punch. Afterwards, Ino healed Sakura’s hand from the attack. With everyone calming down, they used the scorpion meat as new reserves and commented on each other’s growth, reaffirming their desire to pass the exams.

Feeling that the scorpion’s reserves were not enough, Ino insisted that the team go to the nearby oasis. Before they arrived, they were interrupted by a team from Suna. Knowing that her sensory abilities are not yet strong enough to help in actual combat, Ino takes Shikamaru’s advice from earlier and feigns recklessness. To do so, Ino attacks first, letting the enemies counterattack her and pretending to be knocked out. While the enemies then engaged Sakura and Chōji, Ino begins to sense the movement of the enemies and telepathically informs her allies.

Soon seeing through Ino’s maneuver, they erect a barrier to disrupt her ability to sense. This allows the enemies to continue their assault without resistance. Remembering what her allies and teachers have taught her, Ino improves by connecting the minds of her allies, allowing them to counterattack and defeat the Suna ninja. Afterwards, they all calmly heal each other. While the Suna ninja openly admit defeat and offer their scrolls, Sakura notes that it is unnecessary since they already have two matching scrolls. The two teams then split up, agreeing to meet again at the third exam.

Later, as Sakura collapsed from continuing her chakra training, Ino and her team was attacked by another Suna team. The team leader, Saya, attacked with a small doll as her puppet. After snatching little of Ino’s hair, she possessed Ino’s mind and forced her to attack Sakura. When Saya’s companions began to be crushed by Chōji, Saya cancelled her technique on Ino and turned her into Chōji.

Ino explained that Saya’s technique is similar to the Yamanaka clan’s own mental techniques, something that annoyed her. Ino then used her technique to penetrate Chōji’s mind and try to free him. Sakura, meanwhile, was left to face the giant-sized Chōji alone.

Ultimately, Ino manages to expel Saya from Chōji’s mind, much to Saya’s horror. After Chōji regains control of himself, he attacks his enemies, forcing them to retreat. Later, with Ino and Chōji still exhausted from the last conflict, Saya’s team soon returned, keeping Ino and her team trapped in a sandstorm while attacking them with sand puppets. While Ino tried to maintain her sensory mode, her team convinced her to conserve chakra and rely on her eyes.

The Konoha ninja easily dealt with the sand puppets, until one of them was revealed to be Mamushi in disguise and poisoned Ino and Chōji. Then, gaining enough chakra, Sakura was able to propel herself out of the sandstorm and defeat her enemies with a single blow. Afterwards, Sakura healed her teammates, Ino and Chōji, who expressed their delight at having Sakura as a teammate. Later, Team Asuma was caught in a massive sandstorm. Ultimately, the team was rescued by Suna’s ninja monitors and taken to a building to wait for the storm to pass before resuming their exams.

After the storm concluded, it was learned that the Chunin exams ended early due to the controversy that happened in the second exam. Instead, it was decided by Gaara that a report on each participant would be sent to the participants’ respective village leader to decide if they would be promoted. Upon returning to the village, Ino and her teammates were all promoted to Chūnin.

Part II

Tenchi Bridge Reconnaissance Mission

Ino made her first reappearance shortly after Team Kakashi and Team Guy returned from a successful mission to rescue Gaara. She appeared again after Naruto and his team returned from their failed attempt to retrieve Sasuke. Soon after seeing Sai, she quickly became interested in him, also noting that he looked like Sasuke.

When they all went out to dinner, Ino tried to get Sai’s attention by subtly flirting with him. When Sai tried to befriend Ino and Chōji, having previously come to the conclusion that women (specifically Sakura), did not like to hear what they really looked like, Sai tried the opposite approach by calling Ino “beautiful”, of which is the opposite of what he meant. This resulted in Ino being embarrassed, and infuriating Sakura, for Sai calling her “ugly”.

Twelve Guardian Ninja

In the anime, Ino made her next appearance by selling flowers to Asuma in her family’s store, teasing Asuma about him liking Kurenai. When news came that the villages on the border of the Fire Country were being attacked, Ino, along with the rest of Team 10 and some other ninjas went to investigate. Later, during the attack on Konoha happened, where a horde of zombie ninjas appeared, Ino did her part in the resistance by performing her duties as an iryō-nin. After the technique that brought the zombies was dispelled, Ino along with her teammates went to the place where Sora was manifesting the power of Kyūbi no Yōko.

After Chōji’s defeat, Shikamaru ordered Ino to take Sora’s mind and stop him. When she entered Sora’s mind, she was threatened by the Kyūbi’s chakra within him and she was informed that Sora was already consumed by the monster. Ino, with failure in that attempt, returned to her own body. The Kyūbi then attacked them, but Yamato was able to protect them. Ino then attempted to heal Chōji, but she failed since the wounds were caused by the Kyūbi’s chakra and could not have been easily healed even by medical techniques.

Akatsuki Suppression Mission

When Tsunade decided to make a move against the Akatsuki, Ino was assigned, along with Chōji, to a Twenty Squad team, led by Raidō Namiashi and Aoba Yamashiro. Ino and Chōji arrived as help for Shikamaru and Asuma in their fight with Akatsuki members Hidan and Kakuzu. When the duo withdrew, Ino tried to attend to injuries to Asuma, but the damage to his body was beyond repair. The team then had nothing to do but listen to Asuma’s last words.

Before he died, Asuma told Ino to have willpower and be a reliable girl, so that she should take care of Chōji and Shikamaru. Asuma also told Ino not to lose to Sakura in ninjutsu or romance. Ino then reminisces about her memories with Asuma especially her early days with him as a student, and when she realized that the bouquet of flowers Asuma bought was for Kurenai. After the death of her sensei, Ino cried out loud with the pain of loss.

Then, Shikamaru, Ino, and Chōji agreed to avenge Asuma. Under Kakashi’s guidance, Tim 10 set out to face Kakuzu and Hidan. Using her Body Mind Switching Technique on a hawk, Ino was able to quickly find the Akatsuki duo. So Shikamaru’s plan could start by doing this, but it almost went wrong after Kakuzu attacked the falcon forcing her to return.

During Team 10’s fight with Hidan and Kakuzu, Ino stayed only as an observer of the fight, due to the fact that her Body Mind Switching Technique was too much of a risk to use in battle, stated by Shikamaru. In the anime, she temporarily saves Chōji from a fatal blow by Kakuzu before being captured by him and nearly choked to death, along with Chōji, but they were saved by Kakashi and Shikamaru. After Naruto arrived and defeated Kakuzu, she healed him.

Three-Tails’ Appearance

In the anime, keeping true to her promise, Ino was seen participating in a major operation, and was praised for her efforts for being experienced as iryō-nin. She was later teamed up with Rock Lee and Tenten to provide aid to Team Kakashi and Team Kurenai. Her mission would be to use her enhanced chakra control to assist in the sealing of the newly discovered Sanbi.

After arriving, and having another discussion with Sakura, she was placed under Shizune’s command to directly help seal the beast. Although initially having some difficulty dealing with the technique, she refuses to be outdone by Sakura and manages to maintain her composure in the sealing.

Unfortunately, the enemies were able to break the seal. After the appearance of the Sanbi, Ino became unconscious and was rescued by Lee. After recovering, Ino admitted how useless she felt at the oath, to make up for it. She then joined Sakura in healing Yūkimaru, who was being used by Orochimaru’s henchmen.

After learning that Naruto was trapped in Sanbi’s belly, Ino joined the team in another attempt to save Naruto and seal Sanbi. The attempt ended in failure, and Ino was knocked out again. Later, all the Konoha ninja returned to the village, leaving the sealing to Anbu members.

Pain’s Assault

When Pain began the invasion, Ino ran to where her father was to inform him and everyone present of the attack. Having discovered something about Pain’s identity, they tried to flee, to avoid capture. Despite their attempt, Pain arrived and captured Shizune, finding out what she knew, before killing her. After he destroyed the village, Ino tried to revive Shizune, but could do nothing to help her, and regrouped with her father and the others. After Nagato’s death, she was shocked to see that Shizune was brought back to life. She was present at Naruto’s return, and celebrated with the other villagers Naruto’s victory over Pain. In the anime, she even says that she could almost fall in love with Naruto, surprising Shikamaru and Chōji.

Five Kage Summit

When news of Sasuke’s affiliation with Akatsuki reaches Konoha, the 11 of Konoha gather to discuss what should be done with him. They all suggest that they should personally eliminate Sasuke to prevent him from putting Konoha into a war with the other villages. Ino is upset by this and begins to cry. Kiba demanded that she stop, but she was defended by Tenten. Ino was later seen with the rest of the 11 from Konoha at the hearing of the decision about Naruto and Sasuke when Naruto returned to the village. He later promises to tell them everything when the time is right.

Fourth Shinobi World War: Confrontation

When the Fourth Ninja World War begins, Ino is placed in Division 5. Ino and other members of her division are later sent to provide support for Division 1. Ino meets up with Shikamaru and Chōji – sent as help from their own division – and they team up to help Darui in the fight against Kinkaku. Shikamaru restrains Kinkaku with his shadow. Kinkaku almost breaks free, but Ino is able to use the Body Mind Exchange Technique to transfer his consciousness to his body, saving Shikamaru’s energy. In order to capture Kinkaku with Kohaku no Jōhei, Darui says Kinkaku’s name and Ino forces him to answer. Kinkaku as is sucked into the Kohaku no Jōhei, Ino returns to her body.

Her father praises Ino for improving her endurance in the technique at this improved moment. The trio prepares for the next fight, with the revived Kakuzu. Shikaku instructs them to leave Kakuzu to the others and focus on Asuma, who had also been revived. Chōji is reluctant to fight his former teacher, so Ino reminds him of Asuma’s final words to all of them. They face Asuma and he comments on how much they have grown before they start fighting.

Despite Ino’s attempts to encourage him, Chōji still has difficulty fighting Asuma. As Asuma is about to attack Chōji, Ino pushes him out of the way. She then uses the Body Mind Switching Technique on Chōji and fights Asuma, reminding Chōji all the while of his duty. Chōji eventually pulls himself together and Ino returns to his body. As Chōji goes on the offensive, Ino uses her Shinten Bunshin no Jutsu on two white Zetsu to fight Asuma. Asuma is defeated, and before being sealed, he congratulates them on their perfect teamwork.

The battle continues into the night, and Ino assists Chōji in fighting the rest of the revived ninjas. When the Outer Path Demon Statue attacks, she covers herself with her team. After the attack is over, Ino is seen planning with the rest of her team and Tenten a plan. The next morning, Ino and the other ninja are seen inside circles, which was a defense against the White Zetsu, as no one could leave or enter the other’s circle, thus making the shinobi know who was an ally and who was an enemy, until Naruto arrived and pointed out to them where the Zetsu were. Ino asks Shikamaru, why they just ask each other questions, but Shikamaru says that it is possible for the enemy to get the answers right.

When the Alliance is informed by Q.G that, Naruto and B were handling the masked Madara well, Ino, along with the rest of the 11 from Konoha keeps heading towards Naruto. As she runs, she thanks her father for Naruto’s tuned-in feelings for everyone and promises that she would make her harbinger of his victory a reality.

Fourth Shinobi World War: Climax

Arriving just in the nick of time, with Hinata’s guidance, Ino was able to take control of the Jūbi in time to deflect its attack, which would be fatal. Although she laments that they were able to break a perfect Body Mind Switching Technique in just a matter of seconds, Hiashi said that she did a great job, having managed to change the attack. Later, she stayed with the rest of the Allied Forces, to take on the opposition. As the Alliance’s attempt at trying to immobilize the Jūbi ended in failure, Ino listened in silence and crying, Shikaku communicating their final battle strategy through her father, as a Ball of the Tailed Beast was heading towards the Q.G. Afterwards, Shikamaru reminded them that they were still in the middle of the battle and that they had no time to mourn. Later, she learns of Neji’s death.

After Kurama gathers enough chakra, Naruto sends shadow clones to Ino and the rest of the Allied Shinobi Forces to distribute Kurama’s chakra. Kurama’s chakra cloak covers Ino, and after the Akimichi Clan stops Jūbi’s movements, she quickly uses her Body Mind Switching Technique on Obito to alter the course of an attack on Chōji. After Shikamaru and the Nara Clan capture the Jūbi with the Shadow Imitation Technique, Ino releases her technique.

Later, as the Jūbi once again prepares to destroy the Alliance, Shikamaru asks Ino to use her telepathic abilities to link him to Kitsuchi. With his plan with the cooperation of the entire army to learn the seals of the Earth Style: Brick Practice Technique and then use it to block Jūbi’s attack, he then asks Ino if she is able to telepathically transmit this to everyone. She replies that it is not a matter of power and that she will do it. With some effort, Ino teaches the hand seals of the technique to the Alliance before performing it herself alongside her companions.

However, the situation still remains dire, as the clay defenses are fragile and easily destroyed by Jūbi’s massive Tailed Beast Ball, even when a transformed Killer B proves unable to stop the attack, the Shinobi Alliance is shocked when the attack simply disappears, unaware that the Fourth Hokage had arrived on the battlefield.

With Sasuke’s quick appearance in the scene as well, Ino is shocked to see him, and runs to ask why he is there, leaving Shikamaru and Chōji worried. Sasuke says that she is still as noisy as ever. Ino is then, along with the rest of her partners, completely confused about Sasuke’s revelation that he is going to become Hokage. When she joins Team Kakashi, Ino smiles at Shikamaru and says that she is feeling a nostalgic feeling about the fact that the Nine Novices are together again, like in the Chūnin Exam.

She then sets off to face Ten-Tails with her friends. With Teams 7 and 8 leading the attack, Ino looks on in disgust when Shino summons a giant parasitic insect to devour one of Ten-Caudas’ clones. She then sends her own team to work together to execute Formation E. While Chōji uses his expansion technique, and Shikamaru uses his shadow technique on him, Ino uses her detection skills to block all the clones in the surrounding area, before using her perception transfer technique on Shikamaru.

With Ino acting as the mind, Shikamaru as the body, and Chōji as a yo-yo, the trio perform the Human Bullet Yo-yo, destroying all the surrounding clones. As Chōji prepares to double in size to strengthen his attack, Shikamaru says that the team has much more to show for it, with Ino then scolding him for his sudden competitiveness with the other teams. She later watches Naruto and Sasuke attack the Jūbi. During this time, Ino asks Shikamaru what is bothering him, but he says it is nothing.

Birth of the Ten-Tails’ Jinchūriki

As the battle against Obito continues, Ino connects Shikamaru telepathically with the rest of the Alliance in order for him to boost his morale. With the situation getting more serious when the Alliance is trapped in a barrier along with a tree about to shoot several Beast with a Tail at close range, Ino and the other shinobi soon find themselves wrapped in version 1 of the chakra cloak again. She and the others subsequently find themselves on the outside of the barrier, escaping the near-fatal attack thanks to the actions of Naruto and Minato.

When the Divine Tree, the true form of the Jūbi, launches an attack that ravages the entire Alliance, Ino successfully avoids having her chakra drained. Shikamaru, however, is not so lucky, and Ino and Chōji rush to help him. During this time, Hashirama asks for a member of the Yamanaka clan so he can telepathically connect with the entire Alliance, to which Ino complies. Realizing that the five Kage are also within the range of her technique, she then hears Hashirama’s clone relay to everyone what the original had heard about Madara’s Moon Eye Plan. With the technique still in effect, Ino is shocked when Naruto’s feelings and memories begin to be transmitted to the entire Alliance through their telepathic link. When the young man remembers the losses he had experienced, Ino sympathizes with Asuma’s loss.

When Naruto, enhanced with senjutsu, teams up with Sasuke to confront Obito, Naruto’s chakra begins to form around Shikamaru once again. While Sakura is surprised that Naruto is dividing his focus between fighting and healing Shikamaru, Ino corrects her. Ino explains that through her telepathy, she can tell that Naruto is focused exclusively on his battle, but his subconsciously still wishes to save his allies.

From this strong will, Naruto’s chakra is reacting with the people who are infused with it. She then watches with concern as Shikamaru struggles to return to consciousness, and thanks Sakura for her efforts as he comes back at full strength, as does Naruto. When Tsunade, with Sakura’s help, summons a tenth of Katsuyu’s body to the battlefield, the Hokage asks Ino to spread it to the entire alliance, an action she promptly performs.

When Obito manifests a gigantic Yin-Yang shield and Hagoromo’s legendary holy weapon, Naruto creates nine Rasengan in Kurama’s tails and calls Ino and the rest of the 11 from Konoha plus Sai to join him. Once near Kurama’s tails, Ino and the others are enveloped by his chakra which causes them to enter the Bijū Mōdo, to everyone’s shock. Naruto tells them to destroy Obito’s defenses with Rasengan so that he and Sasuke can attack Obito directly. Ino and the others launch their attack and Naruto and Sasuke are able to deliver a devastating blow to Obito. Once again instructed by Shikamaru, Ino and the rest of the Alliance lend their strength to rip the Bijū chakra from Obito’s body.

With Madara’s eventual complete rebirth and Obito’s apparent defeat, Ino and the rest of the Alliance are approached by Guruguru who attacks them with a huge wooden statue. As the Alliance fights against this new threat, Ino reacts with shock and concern when she senses the drastic weakening of Naruto’s chakra. Despite all the Alliance’s efforts, Ino is caught in the Infinite Tsukuyomi. In the genjutsu, Ino dreams of Sasuke and Sai fighting over her, while her still-living father watches his daughter with pride at having boys fight over her, while she pleads with them not to fight over her.

Kaguya Ōtsutsuki’s Attack

Ultimately, she later wakes up, as the Infinite Tsukuyomi is dispelled by Sasuke and Naruto after they end the war.

Blank Period

Kakashi Hiden: The Lightning Under the Freezing Sky

Ino makes an appearance in this novel.

Shikamaru Hiden: The Cloud Hovering in the Silence of Darkness

While Shikamaru is heading out on his mission to investigate Gengo, he sees his childhood friends and teammates, Ino and Chōji. Shikamaru feels that they are so innocent that he does not have the courage to tell them about the mission. However, later, when Temari notices Shikamaru’s strangeness and goes to negotiate with Konohagakure, Ino, Chōji and Sakura leave to save Shikamaru and other shinobi from Konohagakure. Although she worries about her friend Shikamaru, Ino is more eager to save Sai, the one who is under Gengo’s genjutsu and who she has a crush on. Despite the danger to herself, Ino goes deep into Sai’s mind to save his consciousness. She feels that she wants to know more about Sai while she is in his mind. Later, when Sai is successfully saved by her, he expresses his gratitude to “Pretty Girl”.

The Last: Naruto the Movie

Ino made appearances in this movie which is set two years after the Fourth Ninja World War. She is seen with her team commenting on Naruto’s popularity since the war. She again makes an appearance at the Ichiraku Ramen store where she is seen with her team, Naruto and Sakura, there she spots Hinata nearby and invites her to join them. When the meteorites begin to fall on the earth, Ino uses her telepathy to alert Kakashi, which leads the Sixth Hokage to send Rock Lee and the taijutsu group to destroy it.

Later, Ino receives a message from Kumogakure and then warns Kakashi that the Kage meeting is already taking place. Ino later used her technique to connect Kakashi with the Raikage telepathically, facilitating communication between the two. After Toneri Ōtsutsuki’s defeat, Ino through her telepathy announces to everyone on earth that thanks to the efforts of Hanabi’s Rescue Squad the world and its inhabitants are safe.

Sakura Hiden: Contemplations of Love in the Spring Breeze

Ino appears as one of the main characters, as Sakura’s close friend and assistant. She and Sakura open a clinic in Konoha Hospital to evaluate and treat children’s mental health. Later, she invites Sakura to tea with her, but Sakura refuses, saying that she needs to do some paperwork. A week later, Ino and Sakura go to Sunagakure in order to open a clinic for children. On the way, Ino talks about Shikamaru and Temari’s relationship and says that Chōji is visiting Kumogakure regularly, where his girlfriend, Karui, lives. Sakura asks Ino about her own feelings and she reveals her passion for Sai, but that she doesn’t know how to express her feelings to him.

The two kunoichi meet a shinobi from Suna who accompanies them to their conference with the village doctors. Later, however, they are summoned earlier by Gaara, the Kazekage, who informs them that Sasuke has been in the village. Gaara repeats the conversation Sasuke had with the terrorist group two days earlier, which he (who was inspecting the group) witnessed with his third eye. Although he, Ino, and Sakura believe it is someone disguised as Sasuke, they can find no practical explanation as to how the man has Sasuke’s chakra signature.

When Ino and Sakura return to Konoha, they inform Kakashi of the situation. Kakashi is also convinced that the man plotting against Konoha is a double of Sasuke, but he has no reliable way to contact Sasuke in order to confirm this. He shares Gaara’s recommendation not to do anything at the moment, in order to prevent unfounded assumptions against Sasuke from spreading. While Sai is investigating Kido, Kakashi informs Sakura and Ino about the rumors about Sasuke’s activity that have been reported by him.

Ino is initially more concerned about the risks Sai may be facing, but Sakura thinks about what the rumors mean for Sasuke. Since Sasuke was instrumental in the victory during the Fourth Shinobi World War, the five Kage are still willing to believe that Sasuke is not against Konoha. However, if news of his actions leak out and public opinion turns against him, the Kage will be forced to do what they can to stop him.

Later, when Sakura is informed by Sai that Kido and Magire are behind the imposter Sasuke, Kakashi orders Ino, Sakura and Sai to team up since they are investigating the same thing. Ino names them Ino-Saku-Sai and they promise to keep each other informed of their findings. Later, Lee tells Ino and Sakura that he saw Anbu near the Naka Shrine two years ago.

However, on her way to meet with Sai, Sakura sees two Anbu trying to take Sasuke into custody for his terrorist activity. She goes to them to render assistance, either to free the real Sasuke or apprehend the impostor, but finds that it is all a genjutsu. She dispels it, but is immediately injected with a drug that makes her unconscious.

Ino runs to Sai in order to inform him of Sakura’s capture by Kido. Ino is embarrassed by her lack of clothes, since Sai was taking a shower before Ino arrived. While he is getting dressed, Ino contacts Kakashi and informs him of what has happened. He advises her not to receive any other help involved in the rescue, as this could cause Kido to kill Sakura. He also informs her that the Raikage is calling a Kage Meeting to discuss the reports of Sasuke’s activity.

Sai and Ino go to one of Kido’s hiding places and Ino tries to sense Sakura’s chakra inside the place. She can’t locate it, but Sai decides that they should get information that will be useful to them anyway. Ino uses the Body Mind Switching Technique on the sentry in the hideout while Sai captures him, with this being his first time using this tactic without Shikamaru or Chōji. When the sentry, an acquaintance of Sai’s, is unwilling to answer his questions, Sai forces him to reveal Sakura’s whereabouts by tickling him with a paintbrush. They go to the hiding place, where Sakura is being held, but discover that she has already escaped and is on the offensive.

Sakura bursts out of the basement, through the floors above, and finally the roof with a single Cherry Blossom Impact. When she sees Sai and Ino, she tells them what she has discovered about Kido and the drugs he is doing. They are surrounded by many Anbu, Magire, and Kido himself, who tells them that he plans to sell his drugs not only as tools of war, but as a way to make these wars into an inexhaustible source of revenue. Ino doubts that these drugs would ever have a market because the powers they grant are undeserved, causing Kido to call her naive, as well as his clinic for children’s mental health.

He instructs his Anbu to use their synthetic Tailed Beast cloaks to capture or kill Sakura and the others, no longer having a preference for their fate. Sakura, Sai and Ino work well together, despite being outnumbered. Sakura is dragged into a fight with the imposter Sasuke, who suffocates her using his synthetic Tailed Beast cloak. Sakura breaks free and, after knocking him unconscious, she warns him to never impersonate Sasuke again. This has the advantage of revealing that synthetic cloaks disappear when their wearer loses consciousness; Sai and Ino also discover that the cloaks have time limits. Sai recommends that they use this information to end the fight quickly.

Sakura, Sai, and Ino defeat all of their opponents except for Kido and Magire. Since Magire is a medical ninja, they decide to separate him from Kido so that he cannot heal his injuries. Sai and Ino trade blows with Magire, but neither side is able to hit the other. Magire activates a synthetic Tailed Beast cloak, and with his tails, he is able to create glowing spheres that detonate on contact. While Sai tries and fails to overpower Magire with his Super Beast Imitation Design, Ino takes control of an eagle which she uses to stab Magire from behind with a poisoned kunai. Magire’s movements slow down, allowing Sai to parry a final blow. Kakashi arrives to help soon after Magire is defeated, with Naruto and Hinata accompanying him.

Together, they head into the forest to help Sakura. However, she defeats Kido with her Cherry Blossom Impact. Ino along with Sai, Naruto, Hinata and Kakashi join Sakura and congratulate her on her victory. However, they are interrupted by the news that several of Kido’s Anbu have fled the village. Ino and the others immediately pursue them, but upon reaching the Anbu they find them all defeated with a combination of fire and genjutsu. They believe it was Sasuke’s doing and that he chose not to stick around when he confirmed that Kido was defeated. Although they are disappointed that Sasuke did not at least stop to say Hello, they are glad that he really cares about the village. After the Ino-Saku-Sai is broken up by Kakashi, Sakura is called to a meeting with the doctors of Suna. Ino offers to go with her, but Sakura tells her to go to lunch with Sai instead.

Konoha Hiden: A Perfect Day to Get Married

Ino enters a store in order to buy a gift for Naruto and Hinata’s wedding. She picks up a picture frame and bumps into Sakura’s hand doing the same. Sakura uses her superhuman strength to pull the frame out of Ino’s hands, causing Ino to respond by claiming that the frame is ugly and a terrible gift. The two get into such a heated argument that both are thrown out of the store, with neither being able to buy the picture frame.

Ino blames Sakura for what has happened, insisting that Sakura’s unnatural strength and her large forehead cause her to be rude and, more particularly, saying that she will probably never get married. Sakura is deeply insulted by Ino’s accusation and challenges her to a cooking competition to prove that she will be a good wife. They decide to use Military Feed Pills; Ino puts on anmitsu, Sakura’s favorite dessert, Sakura does the same, putting on Ino’s favorite dessert, pudding. The next day, Ino uses Chōji as an impartial judge. Chōji begins to sample each of her feed pills, finding them so delicious that he begins to put them in his mouth for a handful. He soon falls to the ground with blood dripping down his nose.

Sakura suspects that Ino has put poison in his feed pills, intending to try to make Sakura sick. Ino is equally suspicious of Sakura. In order to save Chōji, they decide to identify the poison used: taking samples of each other’s feed pills so they can identify what kind of poison it is. Unable to identify the poison, they decide to taste their favorite desserts, Ino approves of Sakura’s pudding and Sakura approves of Ino’s anmitsu.

Chōji gets up soon after, having finally recovered from his blood sugar overload, he compliments the feed pills of both. Sakura and Ino reflect on how their competitive spirits always help them to become better and better. They therefore decide to go shopping together, helping each other to find a gift even better than a picture frame. Later, she attends Naruto and Hinata’s wedding, taking a picture of herself together with Hinata, Sakura and Tenten. In the group photo with everyone else, she is seen holding Sai’s hand, showing that they were in a relationship at the time.

Sasuke Shinden: Book of Dawn

Ino appears in this novel.

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations

Sarada Uchiha arc

In the anime, Ino takes Sakura on a surprise trip to a seaside cliff where she and Sasuke went on their first date. She leaves Sakura alone to let her reminisce about their first date.

On the day of the Five Kage Meeting in Konoha, Ino is annoyed that her son, Inojin, does not attend the training since he is usually so motivated for it while Sai tries to calm her down. Ino tells Karui about the importance of her sons practicing Ino-Shika-Chō training even in such peaceful times.

A few days later, at the village gate along with Chōji, Ino spots Sakura, Naruto, Sasuke, Chōchō Akimichi and Sarada Uchiha returning to the village. She reflects on Chōchō’s shock at her father’s changed figure. While Ino happily greets Sasuke since he has not been seen in the village for several years, Sarada interrupts her due to her handling of the situation involving Karin that amuses Sakura and confuses Ino.

Graduation Arc

In the anime, after Inojin loses his ability to perform the Super Beast Imitation Drawing technique, he becomes frustrated at not being able to find the reason why and instead seeks the help of his mother to teach him his Body Mind Switching Technique. While working in their flower store together, Ino begins to worry about Inojin and that he may end up giving up trying to figure out the solution to his problem on his own.

Sai comforts Ino by saying that he has faith in Inojin because he is their son, causing Ino to become upset. Sai then shows amusement at how strange her husband remains. As Inojin prepares to throw away his old drawings, Ino and Inojin discover one of his old drawings that he made of his family and Ino comments on how happy Sai was to see it, which motivates Inojin to repeat performing the technique again. Soon after, at the Academy, Ino and Inojin attend a meeting with Shino to discuss his son’s progress and his future goals after his graduation.

Chūnin Exam Arc

While having tea with Sakura around Konoha, Ino and she encounter Temari passing by on the street and wave, but at the same time watch as Naruto’s shadow clones are running around the village to help the villagers as he is too busy with other work. Ino later attends the last stage of the Chūnin Exams, sitting with Temari and Sakura. When Shikadai Nara gives up his battle with Boruto, Ino is shown to be disappointed, just as in his father Shikamaru’s fight in the past Chūnin Exam. When Momoshiki and Kinshiki Ōtsutsuki begin an attack, Ino helps evacuate the inhabitants of the arena, then she is seen amidst the people leaving the place, she being watching the battle taking place between Naruto and Sasuke against the enemies.

Mitsuki’s Disappearance Arc

When two chūnin gate guards are assaulted by unknown attackers, the village goes into an uproar. During which Ino begins to treat them. Once one of the guards is stabilized, Ino probes his mind for answers, shocked to discover that Mitsuki voluntarily left with the attackers.

The Mind Transfer Jutsu that Lost to Potato Chips

In the anime, Inojin approached his parents with the desire to master the Body Mind Exchange Technique, believing that he needed to become stronger. After demonstrating ease in performing the technique on small animals, Ino asked Inojin to try performing the technique on Chōchō to prevent her from picking up a bag of potato French fries. He was unable to stop her, causing Ino to become frustrated with him. Sai tried to calm her down, but the two ended up fighting. Inojin tried to perform the technique on both parents, but failed. About to give up, he performed the technique one more time on his mother and revealed to her that Sai told him how she had saved him with the Body Mind Switching Technique and now his goal is to help other people using the jutsu, thus leading him to gain control of Ino’s body. Sai embraced Ino with a hug and they praised Inojin for mastering the technique before they returned home together.

Kawaki’s Bow

While working at Flores Yamanaka, Naruto, Sarada and Kawaki enter the store to choose a replacement for Himawari Uzumaki’s broken vase. Being informed by Naruto that the enemy will be coming on Kawaki’s account, he says that continued Sensory Body support will be required. After Kawaki picks up a vase, Ino offers to add some flowers, but the sight of the stems triggers memories of his childhood in Kawaki and causing him to drop the vase. After he calms down, the three leave the store.


In Part I, Ino was noted by Asuma as being an exceptional kunoichi. According to Inoichi, Ino has the potential to become the greatest member of the Yamanaka clan. During her fight with Sakura in the Chūnin Exams, she was able to turn the fight in her favor through the simple act of cutting her own hair, overcoming the inherited weakness of her technique by imitating the Shadow Imitation Technique with her hair at the same time. For this reason, Sakura notes that Ino probably would have beaten her if Naruto had not interfered. In Part II, she became a medical ninja and a chūnin, further showing her growth. During the Fourth Shinobi World War, Ino earned praise from her father regarding her improved skills.


Ino also showed some considerable skills in taijutsu. During the Chūnin Exams, these skills were on par with Sakura’s, causing their battle to drag on. During the Fourth Shinobi World War, her taijutsu skills improved greatly, to the point that when she took over Chōji’s body she was able to maintain her own style against her sensei, an expert in short-range combat, when they clashed. She could even control the minds of two separate targets and still coordinate the two targets skillfully enough to force Asuma on the defensive. She was also shown to have good reflexes along with speed and strength, as she was able to take Chōji out of the way of Asuma’s Wind Style: Dust Cloud Technique, which is direct and fast.


Yamanaka Clan Techniques

Ino excels in her clan’s techniques, which are mainly centered around techniques that affect the mind, such as the Body Mind Switching Technique, a technique used predominantly for reconnaissance and espionage, which allows the user to briefly possess someone and control that person’s actions. His body however, is vulnerable until he cancels the technique. While many people think this technique is unbeatable, it can still be forced out of the body if your opponent has a strong enough willpower. She has also been shown to be able to use this technique on animals, such as an eagle to act as a spy. The anime takes her abilities a bit further, giving her the Body Mind Disruption Technique, which causes the affected person’s body to start attacking those closest to them, or immobilize their body.

During the Fourth Shinobi World War, her synchronism with the Body Mind Exchange Technique improved to a point that she only needs the target to be briefly immobilized in order to invade their mind. According to Inoichi, her use and release of the technique improved dramatically. She was able to quickly transfer her mind into a paralyzed Chōji to block a close-range attack from Asuma Sarutobi at close range, and then deftly fight inside Chōji’s body, as well as momentarily take control of Obito Uchiha in order to send the Ten-Tails Beast Ball off course, saving his companions. Ino has also displayed skill with one of her clan’s advanced techniques known as the Mind Transfer Clone Technique, which allows her to clone her consciousness and transfer it on multiple targets at once.

Ino is also adept at communicating telepathically. Her skills in this are such that she was able to transmit a message to the entire Allied Shinobi Forces in a short period of time. She can use this technique to act as a means for a person to be able to communicate with other people telepathically by coming into physical contact with them. Ino can also transmit images to others, such as memories and intense feelings. Even though she was exhausted from the effects, instead of having to send other people’s thoughts first in her mind to transfer them to another, she was able to raise her transmission level to transfer people’s thoughts directly to each other. Ino can also combine her telepathy skills with the ability to communicate with other people telepathically.

Ino can also combine her telepathy and sensory ability to transmit what she feels to an ally so that they can react accordingly. This technique becomes part of her generation’s Ino-Shika-Chō Formation E. Two years after the Fourth Shinobi World War, her telepathy ability improved to the point that she can receive and transmit messages around the Earth in a short period of time, as can be seen after Toneri Ōtsutsuki’s defeat, she announced to the entire population of the shinobi nations that they are safe due to the efforts of Hanabi’s Rescue Squad.

Medical Ninjutsu

From Part I, though not as refined as Sakura, Ino showed remarkable skills in controlling her chakra, being able to create a chakra rope to trap her targets. Later, she learned medical ninjutsu during the time between Parts I and II. The anime shows that Ino trained medical ninjutsu alongside Sakura under Tsunade’s supervision. Although her skills in this area have not been explored in depth, Ino has proven to be skilled enough to be able to diagnose the severity of an attack with just a glance or during healing. During her training with Tsunade, she used the chakra control and medical ninjutsu method to perform the secret ninjutsu of the Yamanaka clan. In the anime, due to her optimal chakra control, she was able to help Sakura, Hinata, and Shizune seal Three-Caudas with the Four-Cornered Sealing Barrier. The anime also shows that her control has improved enough to transfer her chakra on multiple people at once.

Chakra Nature Transformation

Ino showed some skill with Earth Style nature transformation. During the Fourth Shinobi World War, after learning hand seals from Kitsuchi, Ino and the rest of the Shinobi Alliance created several earth walls in an attempt to slow down the Ten-Tails Beast Ball. Ino also has an affinity for Water Style, Yin and Yang.

Sensory Perception

Ino, like most members of the Yamanaka clan, is a sensor type, showing signs of this ability early on during the second phase of the Chūnin Examinations in Part I, when she noticed the change in Sasuke’s chakra under the influence of Orochimaru’s juinjutsu. During their battle against Kakuzu, Ino commented that the masks emitted a strange chakra. During the Fourth Shinobi World War, after Minato arrived on the battlefield, she could sense that something was coming, which was the other Kage. Ino’s aptitude as a sensor type is shown to a greater extent when she is able to sense the chakra of all enemies in the area and mark them, before guiding her allies into those positions, causing all the enemies she sensed to be hit.


Ino was shown to possess a great level of intelligence and perception, graduating at the top of her class while at the Academy alongside Sasuke Uchiha and Shino Aburame. This was displayed during the Chūnin Exams when she skillfully used her own hair to connect with Sakura, also showing herself to be deceptive and an actress capable of deceiving her opponents by pretending to be enraged to set the trap. Additionally, in the anime, she was able to tell a person’s occupation by looking at the condition of their hands, a skill proven useful when Ino was able to identify Gennō’s body and immediately realized that the corpse was not that of a carpenter or a ninja. She has great knowledge of flowers ranging from practical uses to individual symbolic meanings. Since she worked at Yamanaka Flowers, she can tell by the hands of customers what their occupations are. During Pain’s invasion, she was able to conclude that Pain’s real body must be around the village for her technique to work, since it was similar to that of her clan.

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