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Naruto Headband Symbols

Do you want to know more about these mysterious ninja accessories ? Find out what they are used for and what they represent? You’ve come to the right place, today in this article we will try to explain all the secrets behind the Naruto Headband symbols and meanings !

Naruto Headband Symbols are the emblems of the different Shinobi Villages of the Ninja world, each one representing a logo that symbolizes an element specific of their region.

The goal of this article is to help you understand everything that there is to know about Naruto Headbands and their secrets so that you can have a Naruto Headband wiki that you can always come to read anytime you have a question about this subject !

What is a Naruto Headband ?

What is a Naruto Headband

In order to concretely understand the meaning behind the symbols engraved on them, we need to go back to the basics and understand what is a Naruto Headband ?

A Naruto Headband is a ninja accessory most commonly made of fabric and metal on which is engraved the symbol of the Shinobi’s former Village. They are worn in order to indicate the military affiliation of its owner to the other ninjas.

At first, a Naruto Headband was used since Asura Ôtsutsuki’s time as a protection accessory. It was only much later that the leaders of the various Ninja Villages decided to engraved the symbol of their nation on it to facilitate the recognition of allies and enemies. That’s when Naruto Headband signs start to become common.

What is the Naruto Headband called ?

What is the Naruto headband called

The Naruto Headband name is Hitai-ate (額当て) which means litteraly “(Military) Headband with reinforced metal plate” in Japanese. 

In the English version of the manga and anime Naruto, Hitai-ate as been translated into “Forehead Protector” and headbands are called simply by most of the characters as “Shinobi Headband”.

Naruto Headband types

naruto headband types

Although one Naruto Headband design is more commonly used by most of the Ninjas, the structure can vary a lot depending of its owner. 

Although the manga puts in the center of its main plot the military environment in which the different characters of the series evolve, Masashi Kishimoto decided to gradually separate himself from the uniform aspect so important in the real army in order to make his characters much more unique.

Thus, by allowing them to wear different Naruto Headband types in shapes and sizes, Masashi Kishimoto was able to develop each one of his characters more freely by letting their personality stand out through their outfits. This is why some ninjas wear black, blue and even red Headbands and can tie them in different parts of their body for example.

Basic Naruto Headband

The most common type of Naruto Headbands is the one worn by most of the characters of the Series. It’s a simple piece of fabric where is fixed in the middle of the cloth a solid plate of metal.

Each student who succeeds the Genin exam of his Village is allowed to be called a Ninja (Shinobi) and receives a Headband with the symbol of its Village engraved on it as an honorific reward and item of pride.

Custom Naruto Headband

However, as explained above, other characters decided to wear Headbands with different shape of the original. Here are the most common examples:

  • Tobirama Headband
  • Jiraiya Headband
  • Kakuzu Headband
  • Kisame Headband

Naruto Headband colors

naruto headband colors

The color of the Headband, originally dark blue, later evolved to offer a wider range of colors. We can mention for example:

  • The Red Leaf Headband of Sakura Haruno
  • The White Leaf Headband of Mitsuki
  • The Red Wine Leaf Headband of Sarada Uchiha
  • The Blue Leaf Headband of Choji Akimichi
Naruto Headband color meanings

Many of us have wondered why some of the characters wear different colored Headbands. Luckily, some fans were able to ask the author of the manga Masashi Kishimoto about this and his answer was very simple. There is no particular reason.

In the end, there is no Naruto Headband color meanings in particularity. Masashi Kishimoto simply took the initiative to make his characters more distinctive from each other by giving some of them Headband colors different from the normal.

Naruto Headband logo

naruto headband logo

Each Naruto Headband logo is most of the times the symbol of the Village whose shinobi that wears it is original.

The fact of wearing visibly the emblem of his Village on an accessory, we are not going to lie to ourselves, not very discreet at all, is a way to show its allegiance and belonging clearly to other ninjas.

All Naruto Headband symbols

All Naruto headband symbols

As explained in the previous section, all Naruto Headband symbols are actually the emblems of the different Shinobi Hidden Villages of the Naruto Series. Each of these symbols refers to a characteristic related to their region or the history of that region. 

Naruto Shippuden Headband symbols list and names

Here is a list of all the Naruto Headbands symbols and meanings of their names:

Naruto Headband Symbol Symbol Name Symbol Meaning
hidden leaf symbol headband



Hidden Leaf Village 

hidden sand village symbol headband


Hidden Sand Village
hidden rain village symbol headband


Hidden Rain Village
hidden sound village symbol headband


Hidden Sound Village
hidden waterfall village symbol headband


Hidden Waterfall Village
hidden cloud village symbol headband


Hidden Cloud Village
hidden mist village symbol headband Kirigakure Hidden Mist Village
Hidden Rocks Village symbol headband


Hidden Rocks Village
village hidden in the hot springs symbol headband


Village Hidden in the Hot Springs
hidden grass village symbol headband


Hidden Grass Village
village hidden in the snow symbol headband


Village Hidden in the Snow
hidden artisanry village symbol headband


Hidden Artisanry Village
hidden moon village symbol headband


Hidden Moon Village
village hidden in the stars symbol headband


Village Hidden in the Stars
hidden smoke village symbol headband


Hidden Smoke Village

Akatsuki Headband Symbols

Akatsuki Headband Symbols

Run away if you see a ninja wearing one of the Akatsuki Headband Symbols, your survival depends on it!

As you should know, a ninja who has been banished from his Village or has deserted it becomes Missing-nin (Nukenin, 抜け忍) also called Rogue Ninja in the English version. This means that he no longer brings allegiances to his former Village and thus become free of his actions.

In addition in breaking all bonds with their former nation, an Akatsuki Headband comes symbolically with a long horizontal scratch across the Village symbol, to show that his owner has completely rescinded his allegiances the same way that militants burn country flags.

How to wear a Naruto Headband ?

What is really interesting about this accessory created by Masashi Kishimoto is that you can wear it with all kind of outfits. So, if you were wondering how to wear a Naruto Headband, well, don’t worry, because there is no wrong way to wear it !

On your forehead

naruto forehead headband

If you want to look like a real ninja, the best way to wear your Naruto Headband is on your forehead. Simply place the middle part with the metal plate on the middle of your forehead and tighten it to the back of your skull.

Around your neck

hinata neck headband

For a much more neutral look, you can wear your Naruto Headband around your neck like Hinata Hyuga used to do. In this way, to be more original, but with the defect that your Headband moves while you move which can become very unpleasant in the long run.

As a Hair Tie

sakura forehead

If you have long hair and you’re proud of your forehead, you can easily wear your Naruto Headband as a hair tie like Sakura Haruno !

As a Belt

rock lee belt

You don’t like to have something on your head or around your neck, just use your Headband as a belt like Might Guy and Rock Lee do. Not only will it be very chic, but it will give you a style that is out of the ordinary !

On your arm

shikamaru pics with headband

One last way to wear your naruto Headband is to place it on your arm in the manner of Shikamaru Nara. In this way, your Headband will remain visible to everyone without hindering your movements.

How to tie a Naruto Headband ?

Naruto Headbands most often come with a fabric band long enough to be worn by anyone who wants to use it as a Naruto cosplay Headband or as a Naruto bandana Headband.

Simply place the Headband on the part of the body where you want to wear it and tie the two bands of fabric together with a double knot at the back to fit perfectly to the desired circumference.

Want some visual instructions ? Here is a video of COSGUK who explains us how to tie a Naruto Headband properly !

Small precision, the great majority of Headbands that appeared from the beginning of the manga Boruto come this time with a stretchy fabric band that fits perfectly to any forehead diameter. However, they are not necessarily suitable to be worn in as many different places as the originals.

How to make a Naruto Headband ?

How to make a Naruto headband

You’re not allowed to call you a real Naruto fan until you own at least one Headband of your favorite Hidden Village !

What ? You are not comfortable with shopping on the internet and you can’t find any in your nearest manga stores ? No worries ! Here’s how to make a Naruto Headband at home thanks to the lovely Hendo Art that will teach you how to create your own Naruto Headband with only 5$ of material !

How to make a real Naruto Headband ?


First, make sure that you have everything that you need to create your homemade Naruto Headband. Here is list of the materials:

  • 1x Soda/Aluminum Can
  • 1x Silver Standard Size Brads
  • 1x Black T-Shirt/Pants/Fabric
  • 1x Black Sharpie
  • 1x Pair of Scissors

Naruto Headband tutorial

Follow the instructions:


How to draw Naruto Headband ?

How to draw Naruto headband

Coming soon

Naruto Headband pictures

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