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How old is Sarada Uchiha?


Sarada is one of the main protagonist of the Boruto: Naruto Next Generations series. She is the daughter of Sasuke Uchiha and Sakura Haruno (which took the family name of Uchiha after the birth of her child) and is a member of the new Team 7 with Boruto Uzumaki and Mitsuki.

She’s inherited some great features of her parents, including the Sharingan abilities from her father and the intelligence, beauty and physical strength of her mother. Moreover, you may have noticed how mature she is compared to her friends, so maybe you already asked yourself how old is Sarada Uchiha? Well let’s find out!

How old is Sarada Uchiha in the Boruto Series?

Currently, Sarada Uchiha is 12 years old today in the Boruto series as the show is still at its debut and year hasn’t passed yet.

With her father mostly absent during her childhood, Sarada lives with her mother Sakura Haruno which leads the hospital of the Hidden Leaf Village. However, despite all the love that she tried to share with her daughter, Sakura never succeeded to to fill the gap of fatherhood left by Sasuke.

In fact, in the first episodes of the series, Sarada had an identity crisis as she thought that Sarada wasn’t her real mother after she saw a picture of Sasuke’s former team from his past where he was standing next to Karin, a mysterious women that shared some strange similarities with her like her glasses and the color of her hair. 

At the moment, Sarada is helping Naruto, Boruto and Sasuke to fight the Otsutsuki threat. 

Sarada Birthday

Sarada’s birthday date is 31st March

Sarada Zodiac Sign

Sarada’s Zodiac sign is Virgo