Who is Sarada's real mother?
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Who is Sarada’s real mother?

Sakura Haruno is Sarada Uchiha’s biological mother as this information has been confirmed directly by the author of Naruto Masashi Kishimoto.

However, Boruto’s story arcs have paid homage to past villains and characters within the Naruto franchise. But one of the most significant and impactful developments was the question mark the story put on Uchiha Family. 

This all started when Sarada began to doubt her father’s love for Sakura. It is understandable why doubts would arise in a child of Sarada’s age. The arc was adapted in episodes 19 through 23 of the Boruto anime, and we will deconstruct the events of the arc to answer who is Sarada’s mom?

Who is Sarada’s mother?

In the first episodes of the Boruto series, Sarada comes across a picture of Taka, a team created by Sasuke during his search for Itachi Uchiha. Given the absence of her father in her life, doubt creeps into Sarada’s mind when she finds Karin, one of the Taka members, wearing glasses precisely like hers.

As a child with an absent father, Sarada is unable to comprehend the love between her parents and her father’s love for her. This is cemented with Sakura’s vague answers about what Sasuke is doing and his whereabouts.

To confirm her heritage, she follows Naruto, which leads her to her father, Sasuke. When confronted by his daughter regarding her “real” mother, Sasuke says he has nothing to do with her. This obviously doesn’t sit well with Sarada.

After Sakura is kidnapped by Shin, Naruto and Sasuke are forced to seek Orochimaru’s help for information. In their hideout, Sarada meets another former Taka member named Suigetsu. She persuades him to perform a DNA test on the umbilical cord he thought was Karin’s. The results are positive, which makes Sarada’s fears come true.

Is Karin Sarada’s mother?

Many fans thought that the reason why Sarada wore glasses very similar to Karin’s was because she was Karin’s daughter. Fortunately for the us, the reality has been confirmed to us as Karin’s isn’t Sarada’s mother.

After Sakura is released from captivity, she explicitly confirms her motherhood to Sarada. Sasuke further adds that Sarada’s existence itself is proof of the connection between him and Sakura. This is followed by a tender moment between Sasuke and Sakura, where Sasuke peeks his forehead as he leaves. This act of touching her forehead signifies the affection Sasuke feels for her. As he recalls the same act that his brother Itachi would do with him. Although it is verbally confirmed that Sasuke and Sakura are her parents, which is enough for Sarada

Is Sarada Sakura’s mother?

Yes, Sakura Haruno is really Sarada Uchiha’s true biological mother. This information has been confirmed by the author as well as explained in the show.

But how is it possible as the DNA test that Karin’s used on the umbilical cord confirmed the DNA match? Well, in reality, as Karin’s explained to Sarada in the manga, the umbilical cord that she thought was Karin’s was in fact Sakura’s.

She also contextualizes this by adding that she and Sakura were traveling together chasing after Sasuke when Sakura gives birth halfway through. Karin was simply the midwife who gave birth to Sarada.

Why did Karin keep the umbilical cord? 

Karin keeping the umbilical cord is not unusual since, in Japanese culture, a portion of the umbilical cord is often kept as a symbolism of a child’s destiny.