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Here at Naruto Merchandise®, we love all the characters featured in the manga and anime Naruto. But, sometimes, we must admit that our favorite character isn’t from the good guy’s team and that’s why today we’re gonna review some of the best members of the Akatsuki clan of the Hidden Rain Village. Ready…? GO!



Fans remember Hidan because of his important role in the bow with Shikamaru Nara. This member of the Akatsuki has incredible abilities such as being immortal while following the Jashin cult.????

Thanks to his abilities, he doesn’t need to be the most powerful ninja, he just has to survive others and touch them. It took a lot of ingenuity and preparation in Shikamaru to end Hidan’s reign. And even after all that preparation, Shikamaru just knew how to bury Hidan alive.


10. Deidara


Deidara is a very extroverted shinobi. He has mouths on his hands and a very explosive jutsu set, the bakuton. ????

He mixes his chakra with clay to create explosive creatures. He is especially able to compete with some of the strongest ninjas in the series such as Gaara or Sasuke at the beginning of Naruto Shippuden. This is impressive, as few other shinobis are able to successfully face them alone.


9. Orochimaru 


Orochimaru ????a parcouru le monde des Shinobi, et il est peut-être le ninja le mieux informé depuis Hagoromo en ce qui concerne les jutsu. Il a rejoint l’Akatsuki pour étudier les jutsu que les Akatsuki utilisent, et son but ultime est de devenir vraiment immortel et de percer le secrets de multiples jutsu interdit.

L’une des choses les plus formidables à propos d’Orochimaru est qu’il est difficile de s’en débarrasser définitivement, il a plus d’un tour dans un sac????. De nombreux utilisateurs de genjutsu ont réussi à faire entrer Orochimaru dans leurs techniques, et pourtant il arrive toujours à s’en sortir. Orochimaru a été enfermé par Itachi, mais il a quand même su revenir. Orochimaru peut également utiliser la technique d’Edo Tensei.


8. Sasori


Sasori is a puppet master who was both a puppet maker and a murderer before joining the Akatsuki. His most impressive assassination was to kill the Third Kazekage, and afterward, he turned him into a powerful puppet. He has turned many people into puppets over the years, including himself and his own parents.

Because he transformed himself into a puppet in his youth, he has the appearance of a young boy. He is able to handle a hundred puppets at a time with each finger. All his weapons are impregnated with poison. He is definitely a very tough ninja.


7. Konan


Konan holds a high rank in the organization, even though members like to think that they are all equal. After all, she is Bread’s advisor and right-hand woman of Pain.

Her ability to channel her chakra through paper, and even turn her body into pieces of paper, is incredibly unique for the series. Enemies may have misjudged her, but she’s certainly one of the strongest members the Akatsuki has ever had. ????????



6. Kakuzu


Kakuzu joined the Akatsuki in the hope of increasing his wealth, and he is known to be one of the most avid Shinobi people in the world. It is also known that he actually killed several Jinchuriki, including Fuu and Yugito, and that he killed entire villages alone, without any help from Hidan.

Kakuzu managed to make himself immortal by doing business with the demons by letting them into his body and by obtaining five hearts, each of them being represented on his body by a mask that uses different natures of chakras. It is so durable that Matatabi and Kakashi were unable to harm him under normal circumstances.


5. Zetsu


Zetsu is undoubtedly one of the most intelligent and influential characters in all of Naruto. Being one of the “sons” of Kaguya, he has planned for millennia to bring her back to life. He actually wrote the prophecies on the stone of Uchiha, to set in motion the events that would lead Madara to transmit his wishes to Nagato so that he could create the second-order of Akatsuki. The prophecy was just Zetsu’s giant plan.

A group of weaker Zetsu clones was created in bulk, capable of covering a lot of ground and killing a lot of people. The black Zetsu is capable of attacking powerful people, so much so that Madara was defeated once and for all because the Zetsu hung on to him and caught him off guard with a coup de grâce.


4. Kisame


Kisame, nicknamed the Tail-less tailed beast, is a man who possesses many of the abilities of a shark???? and has been trained by one of the seven swordsmen of the mist, the former handler of Samehada. He tamed this sensitive sword and learned to merge with it at will, being in full control after the merging.

Kisame is known as the “Tail-less Demon“, known to have both the amount of chakras and the power of a Bijuu. He fights by constantly draining his opponents’ chakra during the battle, and he has fought Killer B. In his second encounter with Killer B, he managed to drain most of his chakra and return to the Akatsuki with information.


3. Pain


Pain/Tendo is the animated corpse of Yahiko, the founder of the Akatsuki, although it is in fact remotely controlled by Nagato.

Pain owns the Rinnegan, which gives him access to a wide variety of techniques and multiple points of view. He can control gravity using Shinra Tensei and Chibaku Tensei, and he is able to use the Six Paths of Pain, which allow him to summon powerful animals, invoke the God of Death, rip people’s souls out, return his body, and many other techniques. He can also resurrect people he has recently killed.


2. Itachi Uchiha

Itachi Uchiha

Itachi is the elder brother of Sasuke Uchiha and is known for the massacre of all his own clan, except his younger brother before joining the Akatsuki. He was a member of the Anbu as an assassin alongside another member of the Uchiha clan named Shisui, who was killed by Danzo. Danzo gave the order to annihilate the Uchiha clan, and it was Itachi who carried out the act.

Itachi possesses one of the most powerful Dojutsu of the Akatsuki, he is able to use the Tsukiyomi, which can create a world of genjutsu in which he can control all matter, space and time, creating infinite copies of himself. He also can use the Susano, which allows him to seal people and to have a big power of strike, and he can control the destiny himself, using Izanagi and Izanami by sacrificing one of his sharingan.


1.Obito Uchiha

Obito Uchiha

Obito is the founder of the third order of Akatsuki, and a former disciple of Minato, the fourth Hokage. Although he is presumed dead many years ago when he was a child, he secretly watched over Kakashi during his missions and helped him in times of need without getting caught. He was eventually the cause of Minato’s death. He joined the akatsuki under the pseudonym of Tobi, the masked man. 

Obito has a genjutsu even larger than the Kotoamatsukami, being able to keep Yagura under his control for many years without anyone noticing, although he immediately noticed the use of the Kotoamatsukami. Obito then inherited the Rinnegan previously used by Nagato. It also became the jinchuriki of the ten-tailed beast.