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Which Naruto Character are you? (Quizz)

Naruto is a manga about the adventures of a teenager named Naruto and his ninja friends. Through his adventures to become Hokage and be respected by everyone, Naruto meets and dates different people. In this personality quiz, the question is which one of these people you are. The only way to find out is to answer this test!

Like many shonen series, Naruto features a huge cast of characters. There’s bound to be someone you’ll like. Perhaps you will like the tragic character Neji, who is trying to escape the fate of his clan.

This is a series about ninjas, so there is no shame in loving characters with questionable morals. Sabotage and assassination are their trade, after all.

Are you the star of the series, Naruto ? He is wild, spontaneous, gets angry easily, but he is also extremely loyal to his friends and would do anything for them, even give his life. He’s usually a good-humored and fun person. Or are you his master, Kakashi Sensei?

And Sasuke? He doesn’t talk much and has some problems with his past, but he’s extremely intelligent and an out-of-the-ordinary ninja. Maybe you’re Shikamaru? He’s the laziest character in the manga, but also the smartest! He uses his brain to do as little as possible, all the time.

If you’re curious about which Naruto Character are you, you should take this quiz. Feel free to share it with your friends to compare your results and build your own ninja teams!