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Who is Naruto’s Dad ?


Welcome back amazing Naruto fans for a new article about the amazing manga that is Naruto ! Today, we are going to talk about something very important to understand the plot of the Naruto and Naruto Shippuden Series, who is Naruto’s Dad ?

Naruto’s Dad name was Minato Namikaze, the powerful Fourth Hokage of the Hidden Leaf Village and the husband of Kushina Uzumaki.

The identity of Naruto’s dad remained a secret for a very long time for most of us since we only learned the truth several hundred episodes after the beginning of the Manga created by Masashi Kishimoto.

In this article, we will therefore reveal all the events that took place long before the adventures of young Naruto Uzumaki began so that you can understand who Naruto’s father is.

We would also like to remind you that this article contains spoilers, so if you haven’t watched or read many of Naruto’s episodes and chapters and don’t want to be spoilt, this article may not be suitable for you. But for those who want to know more, here is who is naruto’s father !

Who is Naruto’s father ?

naruto's father

Naruto’s father is Minato Namikaze, a powerful ninja from the Hidden Leaf Village, known and recognized throughout the world under the nickname “Yellow Flash of the Leaf”, Fourth Hokage of Konoha.

Minato Namikaze is Naruto Uzumaki dad who died shortly after his birth as a result of tragic events on the night Naruto was born.

Naruto Uzumaki Father possesses blue eyes and the famous spiky yellow hair just like his son They also both share together the same master, Jiraiya, who taught them their signature Jutsu, the Rasengan. 

But let’s focus a bit more on Minato’s past:

Minato Kid

Minato Kid

Kid Minato was a bit like Naruto when he was a child. A very self-confident boy who was not afraid to put himself on stage and whose dream was to become Hokage who is admired by everyone in the village.

His first important mission was to save his future wife, Kushina Uzumaki, Kyuubi’s Jinchuriki at the time, who had been captured by the Hidden Cloud Village.

Minato and Kushina

Thanks to the red hair she pulled out on the way, Kushina managed to leave a trace of her passage so that Minato could trace it and save her.

minato saves kushina

Following this event, Minato expressed his feelings to Kushina, revealing to her how beautiful she was in body and spirit and that he admired enormously how strong she was to stand up against all the children that mocked her because of the color of her hair and because she’s an outsider.

He also told her that he didn’t want to loose her and those words changed Kushina, giving her confidence in herself and starting to love her red hair that she always despised.

Minato becomes Fourth Hokage

minato hokage

Soon after the 3rd Shinobi World War had become too deadly, Konoha decided to end his involvement and signed a peace treaty with the Hidden Rock Village. However, this outcome wasn’t satisfying enough for lots of people who felt that seeking peace after seing so many people die fighting would betray their memory.

Aware that this decision would disappoint a lot of people, Hiruzen Sarutobi, the Third Hokage at the time, offered to step down and let someone else takes his place as Hokage.

There has been a typical meeting with the daimyo of the Land of Fire and after discussion, between who should become Hokage, Orochimaru or Minato, Minato Namikaze was voted Hokage by the jonin, and he became the 4th Hokage of the Hidden Leaf Village


Naruto Mom and dad

naruto dad and mom

Naruto mom and dad are Minato Namikaze and Kushina Uzumaki. From their love they had for each other, they had a son that they called Naruto, a name with an important meaning because it was the name of the hero that would change the Shinobi world in Jiraiya’s novel.

Baby Naruto

baby naruto

Naruto is born on October 10th in a secret cave sealed from the outside by a barrier Jutsu. Baby Naruto was born in perfect health with the famous mustaches on his face by the hands of Biwako Sarutobi, Third Hokage’s wife.

Unfortunately for the three of them, a mysterious masked man arrived in Konoha the day that Naruto’s mom was about to give birth to their son in order to steal Nine-Tails.

It is important to know that when a Jinchuriki gives birth to a child, the power of the seal that seals the Tailed Beast is greatly diminished which makes this type of situation very sensitive. The masked man knowing this information took advantage of the weakness of Naruto’s parents to break into the cave and steal the new born from the hands of the midlife forcing Naruto’s dad to teleport himself and his son with the Flying Raijin Jutsu.

Nine-Tails Attack

nine tails attack

While Naruto Uzumaki Dad was occupied in putting his son into safety in a tiny house outside of the village, the masked man had the time of retrieving Nine-Tails from Kushina’s body and put him under his control using what seemed to be a Sharingan. He then summoned him inside Konoha Village and ordered him to destroy everything.

Minato vs Masked Man

minato vs masked man

Back on the field, Naruto’s father saved the Village  from a Tailed Beast bomb using his Teleportation Jutsu. He then gets ambushed by the masked man on the Hokage Mountain which forced him to teleport again outside of the village. 

The fight Minato vs Masked man was as quick as the reputation of the Yellow Flash of the Leaf. Minato who analyzed his opponent’s technics understood that he had to surprise him and so did he by teleporting himself at the right moment to hit his enemy with his powerful Rasengan !

Here is a video of Minato vs Masked man full fight available on Youtube to relieve this incredible moment !

But even if Minato had defeated the masked man, Nine-Tails was still out attacking the Hidden Leaf…

Naruto mom and dad Death

naruto mom and dad death

Minato came back to the village and teleported the huge Nine Tailed Beast outside of the zone at the same spot that he had transported his family. Minato could have sent it somewhere else, but unfortunately, he had only placed his markers in that precise spot outside the village.

So Naruto’s dad finds himself facing Nine-Tails outside the village surrounded by his wife and son and with his chakra reserves almost empty. Fortunately for him, Kushina still had strength and used her Adamantine Sealing Chains to restrain the Tailed Beast.

However, Nine-Tails strength was too much to both of them so Minato decided to seal him inside Naruto with the Death reaper seal to protect the balance of the world and hoping that one day his son will succeed in controlling his power.

Nine-Tails who had understood the Fourth Hokage’s plan thus tried to assassinate the newborn baby with an attack. You know what happen next. To save their child, Minato and Kushina used their bodies as shields to stop the claw of Nine-Tails.

During the last moments of their lives, the two young parents shared with their son their last words of luck and love and wish to him to become a good person and be true to his word just before Minato ends their misery by using the Eight signed seal.

How did Naruto’s Dad die ?

How did Naruto's dad die ?

Naruto’s dad died protecting his son and the Hidden Leaf Village against Nine-Tails and passed away alongside his wife Kushina.

However, in this article, we decided to very slightly overlook the events that led to the death of the Fourth Hokage because we have already dedicated a very complete article on how did minato die. Therefore, do not hesitate to go and read it if you are interested in learning more details about it

When does Naruto meet his Dad ?

when does naruto meet his dad

Naruto meets his dad for the first time during the Pain’s Assault Arc when he was about to be consumed by Nine-Tails Chakra. They then both meet each other again on the battlefield while Minato was resurrected by the Edo Tensei Technique of Kabuto.

What episode does Naruto meet his Dad ?

What episode does Naruto Meets is Dad

If you’re asking yourself what episode does naruto find out who his dad is, well Naruto meets his dad and discovers who he is in Episode 168 of Naruto Shippuden during the fight Naruto vs Pain. They then meet again in Episode 372 of Naruto Shippuden during the Fourth Shinobi War.


Is the Fourth Hokage Naruto’s Dad ?

You can finally answer this question by yourself. Yes the Fourth Hokage Minato Namikaze is Naruto’s dad !

We hope that you’ve appreciated this article about Naruto’s dad and that we did answered all your questions that you had about it. Feel free to tell us if you need more precision or details in the comments below and we’ll complete this article soon after !