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Who is Naruto’s Mom ?


Here we are again for a new article about the secrets of the manga Naruto ! Today, we are going to talk about another very important information to understand the plot of the Series, who is Naruto’s Mom ?

Naruto’s mom name was Kushina Uzumaki, a powerful Konoichi of the Hidden Leaf Village and the wife of the Fourth Hokage, Minato Namikaze.

Naruto’s Mom identity has been kept a secret for the most part of the Naruto series for a good reason that we’ll disclose you in the rest of this article.

However, as we already mentioned it in our previous article about Naruto’s Dad, we would like to remember you that this article is may contain spoilers. So if you haven’t binged or read most of Naruto’s episodes and chapters and don’t want to be spoiled, this article may not be suitable for you.

Still there ? Great, let’s have a close look at who’s naruto’s mom !

Who is Naruto’s Mother ?

naruto mother

Naruto’s mother name was Kushina Uzumaki, a beautiful Kunoichi from the Hidden Leaf Village and formerly from the Uzumaki Clan. She was also the Jinchuriki of Kyuubi until she tragically passed away alongside her husband.

Naruto’s mother had piercing blue eyes and beautiful long red hair as most of the members of the Uzumaki clan had at the time. She also used to add a specific catchphrase (Da)ttebane (「(だ)ってばね」) at the end of her sentences like her son.

Kid Kushina

kid kushina

Kid Kushina was at first an outsider from the Hidden Eddy Village also known as Uzushiogakure. She arrived at the Hidden Leaf Village in order to become the next host of Nine-Tails and learn to become a Shinobi at the Ninja Academy.

Kushina Childhood wasn’t simple. Being a foreigner made her the Black Sheep of her class and her red hair source of mockery from her comrades who kept calling her “Tomato“. It was also at this time that she first met her future husband, Minato Namikaze.

kushina beats boys

However, don’t think that Kushina was going to be taken in by so few! Kushina Uzumaki was absolutely not a weak woman and her strong temperament pushed her to never let herself be tortured unaccountably to the point of being nicknamed “The Girl with the long red hair who beats the boys half to death”.

Minato meets Kushina

Minato meets Kushina

But although she knew how to defend herself against her aggressors, Kushina felt terribly alone among children of her age who did not accept her among their ranks.

Following another altercation between Kushina and some boys from the Academy, Minato meets Kushina for the first time alone. However, infuriated by the children’s attitude towards her, Kushina reproached Minato for never doing anything when she found herself in these situations and ran away. 

Kushina is kidnapped by the Hidden Cloud Village

Kushina is kidnapped by the kumogakure

On her way home after a day at the academy, Kushina is kidnapped at her house by Ninjas of Kumogakure, the Hidden Cloud Village.

At that time, the power of the Tailed Beasts was a source of covetousness from Hidden Villages in order to increase their supremacy over their neighbors. That’s why Kushina, the new Jinchuriki of the Nine-Tailed Fox, was a target in order to gain access to such power.

Minato rescues Kushina

kushina hair

In order to let a trail behind her passage and allow the village to come to her rescue, Kushina decided to pull out her hair discreetly and throw it on the ground. Thanks to this great strategy, someone came to save her before they left the Leaf Territory.

Following the trail of red hair that she left behind her, Minato Namikaze noticed that something was ongoing and managed to catch up with the convoy. Then Minato rescues Kushina from her kidnappers and brings her back to the Village.

minato rescues kushina

Following this event, they both had a discussion about their feelings for each other during which Minato expressed his admiration for Kushina for never letting himself be fooled by her bullies. and confessed to her how beautiful she was in body and spirit. Her red hair that she despised so much then became the symbol of pride that attracted the man she’s dreaming of.

From this day, Kushina felt in love with Minato and his words changed her to become a better person. They started dating and finally got married and living with each other after.

Kushina Pregnant

kushina pregnant

Soon after Minato Namikaze had become the Fourth Hokage of the Leaf, Kushina went to see the doctor and learns that she’s pregnant from a child.

Soon after learning this notice, Minato and Kushina had a meeting with the Third Hokage, Hiruzen Sarutobi and his wife Biwako Sarutobi about the situation of Kushina being pregnant.

hiruzen and biwako

Indeed, they learned during this meeting that the power of the Eight Signed Seal used to seal Nine-Tails inside Kushina will be very diminished during childbirth. For this reason, they agreed that this situation had to stay a secret in order not to arouse the suspicions of other villages that could take advantage of this event to launch an attack against the Hidden Leaf Village to retrieve the Tailed Beast. 

Kushina gives birth to Naruto

Kushina gives birth to Naruto

In a secret cave whose entrance was sealed from the outside by a powerful Jutsu barrier, Kushina gives birth and becomes the mother of Naruto on October 10th after a very complicated delivery.

Fortunately, Naruto was born in perfect health and does not seem to have suffered any after-effects from being born from a Jinchuriki mother. The only small surprise is that Naruto had marks on his face that looked like moustaches, but nothing serious.

While Biwako was taking care of the newborn, Minato thanked his wife from the bottom of his heart for allowing him to become a father and was about to close 9 tails seal when they heard a scream behind them.

A Masked Man kidnaps Naruto

Obito kidnaps baby Naruto

Just when it seemed to be all over, a masked man managed to get inside the delivery room and snatched baby Naruto from Iwako’s hands, killing her and her midwife in the process.

The Masked Man, Tobi, quickly explained that he was there to retrieve Kyuubi from Kushina’s body and used Naruto as a bargaining chip.

Minato eventually recovered his son from the kidnapper’s hands, but was forced to teleport out of the basement to avoid the Paper Bomb explosion that the kidnapper had stuck on the cloth that wrapped Naruto.

Tobi Steals the Nine-Tails

Obito Steals the Nine Tails

Rid of Minato, Tobi steals the Nine-Tails of Kushina’s body by breaking the Eight Signs Seal without difficulty. He then puts Kyuubi under his control using a powerful Genjutsu thanks to his Sharingan.

minato saves kushina

While he had ordered Nine-Tailed Fox to execute Naruto’s mom, the Fourth Hokage manages to arrive in time and Minato saved Kushina from a deadly attack. He then teleports himself back where he had putted Naruto in safety with his wife, letting unfortunately Obito free of focusing on his plan.

Kushina Uzumaki and Naruto

naruto and mom

Minato finally can put his wife into safety alongside his son and we give us a little break from all these events. This very emotional Naruto and mom moment showed Minato that he had now something more to protect and putted on his Hokage cloak to go deal with Tobi.

Nine-Tails Attack

nine tails attack

While Minato was taking care of Naruto’s mom and his son, Tobi had the time to get back to Konoha and summoned the Nine-Tailed Demon Fox and ordered him to destroy the Village.

Minato arriving just after started deflected a Nine-Tailed beast bomb that was aiming at him with a teleportation Jutsu. He then after encounters with the masked man outside of the village.

Minato vs Tobi

minato vs tobi 

Both fast and efficient, the fight Minato vs Tobi is great and shows us the full extent of Fourth Hokage’s ninja talent. Using his Flying Thunder God Kunai, he managed to lure Tobi on making him expose himself and teleported above him to strike him with a powerful Rasengan while also marking him with a seal. 

With Minato sealing jutsu implanted on Tobi’s back, Minato is able to teleport directly to him and used a Contract Seal to remove Nine-Tails from Tobi’s control putting an end to this battle.

However, as you may know, even if Tobi had been defeated, a bigger problem still needed to be solved. 

Minato vs Nine-Tails

minato vs nine tails

Back to the village, Minato was forced to summon Gamabunta in attempt to stop the enraged Nine-Tailed Fox. But the fight Minato vs Nine-Tails inside the Hidden Leaf was too dangerous and would have resulted in lots of casualties. That’s why Minato still thinking about who the masked man was, managed to teleport Kyuubi outside of the village with a teleportation Jutsu.

What happened to Naruto’s Mom ?

What happened to Naruto's Mom

At this point, Naruto’s mom was still with her son at the same spot that Minato had left them. However, bringing the Nine-Tails Fox at the same place as a last resort, forced Minato to quickly recover them before Kyuubi would attack them.

Minato was thus faced with Nine-Tails outside the village as he had planned it, however, his last technique had him use most of his chakra and he was now in a difficult position.

Fortunately for him, Naruto’s mother was still conscious and had still enough Chakra to restrain the Tailed Beast using her Chakra Sealing Chains but only for an instant.

Minato knowing that they couldn’t defeat Kyuubi alone decided to seal half of his power inside himself using the Death reaper seal and the other half inside his newborn child. 

Unfortunately for both parents, Nine-Tails understood what their plan was and thus tried a last resort attack to kill Naruto and prevent the ritual.  

Naruto Mom Death

naruto mom death

Naruto’s mom death is tragical. To save their newborn child, both Minato and Kushina used their body as shield to stop the claw of Nine-Tails that would have killed Naruto.

Both parents facing death soon, they just had the time to say their last words to their son before that they be forever separated. Kushina’s last words to Naruto were beautiful, so emotional and so full of love that it surely made cry all the Naruto fans that watched this scene. 

Finally, the time had come and Minato ended their misery by fulfilling the Eight signed seal and making Naruto the new Jinchuriki of Nine-Tails.

How did Naruto’s mom die ?

how did naruto's mom die

Naruto’s mom died protecting her son from the Nine-Tailed Fox and passed away alongside her husband Minato Namikaze.

As soon as the barrier of Kushina fell, she was rescued by Hiruzen Sarutobi, the previous Hokage, but it was too late, her wounds were fatal. Kushina had just enough time to tell Hiruzen the name of her son before succumbing to her injuries.

When does Naruto meet his Mom ?

When does Naruto meet his Mom

Naruto meets his mom for the first time while he was trying to control Kyuubi with the help of Yamato and Killer B.  

As he was losing control against Nine-Tails, the chakra of Kushina sealed inside Naruto felt that he was in a critical situation and became active allowing her to appear in his son’s subconscious to help him.

What episode does Naruto meet his mom ?

What episode does Naruto meet his mom

Naruto meets his mom and sees her for the first time in Episode 246 “The Orange Spark” (オレンジ色の輝き, Orenji-iro no Kagayaki) of Naruto Shippuden

It was during his quest to know how to control the Chakra of Nine-Tails with the advices of another Jinchuriki, Killer B, that Naruto is finally allowed to see her mother for the first time in his life.